If you are wondering why is my voopoo gene not working, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

Sometimes it does happen that the Voopoo Gene stops working. Although the brand is known for its high end products with great performance, it’s natural that the devices or gadgets may not work sometimes. You might be wondering why is my Voopoo Gene not working? 

The Voopoo pods may face various issues which hinders their performance. These issues are common and there are multiple ways to fix them too. Therefore, if it’s not working, we can find the right way to make it work. Let’s dig into the details to find out what’s stopping yours to function normally! 

Why Is My Voopoo Gene Not Working; A Brief Introduction to Voopoo 

Why Is My Voopoo Gene Not Working; A Brief Introduction to Voopoo

If you are here to learn about Voopoo not working fine, you are already familiar with the brand and what it really is. But for the newcomers who do not have sufficient knowledge about it, we can briefly define what the Voopoo devices are for. Voopoo is a reputable vape brand. 

They develop and sell vapes around the world but are situated in China. They are known for their absolutely remarkable quality and performance. But they are popular for their technologies. It’s Voopoo that has introduced Gene Chip into the vaping gadgets. 

Why Is My Voopoo Gene Not Working; Gene Chip

The Gene Chip is just like any other chip which you may find in gadgets. But this one gives you the power over your vape. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is. For those who love their vapes and wants enough control over their experience. Gene Chip gives you just that.

It allows the users to control temperature and instantly enjoy vape after turning it on. The users don’t have to wait for the coil to heat up as it’s just a matter of seconds here in this case. 

Why Is My Voopoo Gene Not Working; Reasons of Malfunction and Tips to Make It Work 

Why Is My Voopoo Gene Not Working; Reasons of Malfunction and Tips to Make It Work

1. Device Not Working

It’s quite frustrating when the Voopoo pod won’t turn up. In order to troubleshoot this issue, a person must check whether the batteries are charged. If the Voopoo battery is drained, recharging it will solve the issue. But, if it’s depleted then these must be replaced. Do check the Battery contacts because if these are dirty, it might lead to poor electric charge. These must be cleaned with cotton swabs and it will start up the Voopoo device. 

2. Vapor Not Producing

If the Voopoo is not producing vapors, it might be due to several reasons. It might be due to the coil or it may be due to wattage settings. The vapors might not produce if the coils are burnt out or they might not be rightly placed. Therefore it’s important to check if they are in place or not. And if they are burnt, they need to be replaced with new ones for the vapors to start producing. 

3. Leakage

It’s common that the Voopoo might start to leak. It’s the e-juice which is leaking out of it. It’s because of two reasons. It’s either because of the fact that the coils are not in place or it might be due to damaged or misplaced O rings. Both of these issues should be inspected to find out the real cause. 

4. Unusual Sounds

A gurgling sound may be uncomfortable. It’s because the coil is overfilled with e-juice or the coil is displaced. While filling the tank, make sure to put less amount of e-liquid and the airflow disruption due to misplaced coil can be eliminated by investigation and placing it correctly. 

5. Auto-Firing

It’s dangerous if the Voopoo fires on its own even when the user isn’t vaping through it. It could be due to the damage or dirty fire button. Cleaning the button to remove debris or checking whether the device is damaged or not will solve this issue. 

6. Display Malfunction

If the display is locked or dim, it can be unresponsive to the user. A low battery or screen lock (which is present in many devices) could be the reason. Charging the device or checking it’s display settings will resolve this issue. 

7. Inconsistent Vaping

If the vape doesn’t produce consistent vapors, it can be an unpleasant experience for the users. It might be due to the battery connectors which are dirty and aren’t allowing a stable electric charge. It could also be due to the coil if it’s damaged or too old. Replacement will help in resolving this issue. 

8. Unusual E-liquid

The taste of the e-liquid depends on various factors. It might be due to overheating of the tank which has broken down the e-juice contents or it might be due to the residual buildup within the tank. Overheating is only possible if the Voopoo device is damaged. And the residual buildup can be removed by thorough cleaning. Sometimes it does occur that people are so used to a single flavor that it starts to taste unusual. It’s advised to change the flavor to give a new experience to your taste buds. 

9. Overheating

If the Voopoo feels extra hot in your hand. It’s an issue which needs to be addressed. It might be due to the restricted airflow which is causing an increase in temperature or a higher wattage. Reducing the wattage will resolve this issue too.


Voopoo device might not function properly. Even though its a great brand but because it’s still an electronic device, therefore, it’s prone to various malfunctioning. For instance, Voopoo might not start, it might not produce vapor,   e-liquid might be leaking, the device might be producing unusual sounds, it might fire on it’s own, the display might not respond, the vapor produced might be unusual and inconsistent, the taste of the e-liquid might be unusual and the device might be overheating.

All these issues if encountered can be remediated with appropriate tips and tricks that have been mentioned here. The Voopoo devices are known for providing high end products but these malfunctioning are natural and must be dealt accordingly.

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