When you are not so familiar with your vaping device and you face an issue, it gets frustrating. Maybe you could be a beginner who bought a new Orion vape and now you are looking at it thinking why is my Orion vape not charging. It could be due to many reasons but before you move towards how to resolve them, you have to learn about some of the common causes behind it which could be the real culprit.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn all about an Orion vape, from its basic overview to the charging issues and easy ways to resolve them. Let’s read to find out what’s causing the problem in your case. 

Why is My Orion Vape Not Charging; what’s an Orion Vape?

tips to prevent charging issues

Lost Vape introduced a line of disposable vapes named as Orion Vapes. The company is a renowned brand in vaping industry and they have designed Orion to provide convenience for their users. They not only focus on that but they also develop their products with top notch quality. These are disposable vapes which do not require refilling and recharging but as their specifications increase, so does their requirements.

Their puff count ranges anywhere between 3500 to 10000 puffs, and have 5% nicotine e-juice in them. They also feature a rechargeable battery for an extended usage. Among some of their features is their broad flavor range, digital displays and an adjustable airflow. 

Common Issues Leading To Charging Problems

common issues leading to charging problems

An Orion vape just like other vapes could face technical issues. If it’s not charging then it could be due to a faulty charger, a damaged cable, or a dirty port. Many such problems arise that lead to loose connections and cause charging issues

It’s essential that these issues are addressed promptly to ensure an uninterrupted usage. Some other common issues include loose connection, inconsistent power source, or damaged battery. Many of these issues can be resolved by following simple steps however, if the pod itself or the battery is damaged, a replacement will be necessary. 

Steps To Resolve Charging Issues

steps to resolve charging issues

Checking Connections

The first step to resolve Orion vape charging issues is to inspect the connections. Both ends of charging cable, the one that charges vape and the one which is connected to power source are securely plugged in. Proper charging can be affected if any of the two are not properly connected. 

Cleaning Ports 

After you have inspected properly, the first thing you should do is to clean the ports. If the ports have dirt on them, they can lead to disruption in charging. Many things can be used to clean it like a cotton swab, or a brush. When you are using a cotton swab, you can dip it into rubbing alcohol and then use it to clean the ports.

If you are using a brush, you should avoid being too harsh on it as it can damage the ports instead of cleaning them. If you have inspected the connections and cleaned the ports but the problem persists, you need to try using a different charging cable now.

changing the charging cable and power source

Most of the times, the charging cable itself gets damaged and affects the charging process. You can try changing it to see if it resolves the issue. When the cable is damaged or faulty, it leads to a reduction in electricity flow to the device. If you have a cable which you know is in good working condition, you must use it to see if it’s really the issue in this case or not.

If you have used another cable and the problem is still the same, you can now try using another power source. You might be trying different things with your Orion vape but in reality the power source might be the real culprit. Try inserting it in another power source to see if the issue resolves and if it does than the previous source which you were using was faulty in the first place. 

Changing the Battery 

After trying everything, you might lose the hope and think your Orion vape is now completely damaged but that might not be the case. It could be your device’s battery which could have reached it’s end. There’s a battery capacity and then there’s a battery life. When a battery life reaches its end, the device goes completely dead and doesn’t respond to charging in many cases.

You can inspect the battery to see if it’s swollen or damaged. If there’s any swelling or leakage, chances are the battery is damaged and you need to replace it for your device to function properly. People can see their battery swollen and they keep on using their device which is extremely hazardous as it can lead to explosion. 

Tips to Prevent Charging Issues

tips to prevent charging issues

Some simple tips cab help you increase the longevity of your Orion’s battery. You should always use a credible charger and cable. You must never overcharge your device. The power source should be reliable and should be inspected. Connections should be clean. Old batteries should be replaced and the device must not be used at extreme temperatures like extremely hot or cold temperature. 


Orion vape is a known vaping disposable series but sometimes it can face charging issues. If the Orion isn’t charging, you need to make some inspections like checking the cable, the power source, the battery and connections. If all are in good condition but you see a swollen battery, it needs to be replaced. Replacement will resolve the issue. However, if nothing works, it’s better to reach out to their service provider and take appropriate help.

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