It could be frustrating when you take out your Geek Bar to vape but it doesn’t work. It might worry you that why is my Geek Bar not working but there could be some common issues with it. These can be resolved without going out for customer support. But how can you do it on your own? Well, if you know the reasons, you will learn about the ways to resolve the issues on your own.

However, the first thing is to find the root cause so that it can be fixed. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about all the common issues which could be causing your Geek Bar not to work. Let’s learn how to resolve them so that you can enjoy your vaping journey once again!

Why is My Geek Bar Not Working; Causes

why is my geek bar not working causes

A Geek Bar that isn’t hitting or working could be due to many causes and a person who is experiencing it for the first time could find it challenging to deal with. They might not know what’s happening with there device. Here’s are some of the common issues and their possible solutions:

Battery Issues

battery issues

If your Geek Bar vape has a low battery, it won’t start up. Most people complain about their vape not hitting but the only reason is a low battery. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to check the battery levels. It’s advised to charge your device when you think it’s battery is low or you should do it before you start vaping.

It helps in avoiding such consequences from occuring. The first and the foremost thing is to grab the charger and plug it in. Always make sure you have plenty of charging in your device before you start vaping because it could be frustrating to find it out later. You should plug it in and leave it to charge completely. However, the Geek Bar has indicator lights and it will blink red when the battery is low. You should also pay attention to these indicators. 

Loose Connection

loose connection

If the battery is charged but the Geek Bar is still not responding, there might be an issue with the connections. The pod and batteries are connected together and if the connection gets loose, it can lead to such situations. You can check this by ensuring the pod is securely attached to the battery. If you think the connection is loose, tight it up. You can do that by removing it and then placing it back to attach firmly. If the device is in use, there could dirt on connectors or some e-juice debris buildup. You should clean the ports to make sure connection is secure. 

Insufficient E-juice

insufficient e juice

If you have checked the pod and the connection, both are in good condition but the vape isn’t working. It’s important to look at the pod now because there might be a low volume of e-juice which could be causing it. If the pod is empty, it’s time to refill it and the issue will be resolved. Sometimes people keep on pushing their vapes to start them but they neither start nor do they produce vapors because e-juice is required for it and it’s not present. You should ensure your pod isn’t empty to enjoy your vaping session. 



Malfunction could occur if the pod is leaking. E-juice can be spilled inside the vape and it can disrupt it’s normal functioning. It can lead to e-juice buildup and a thorough cleaning is required. If this is the reason, you can dessemble your vape into it’s components and clean it with a wipe. There are many cleaning solutions available which do not corrode the product but a mild warm water with soup would do just fine for it.

You can pat them dry or leave them to air dry on their own before you grab them to assemble into whole. It should function after this but if the leakage and start-up problem doesn’t resolve, it’s time to get help from their customer service center. 

Changing the Pod

changing the pod

You can try to change the pod if the problem persists. If you have access to another pod, try replacing yours with it to see if the issue is solved. With time, pods wear out and they get damaged. If it’s the reason, the vape might not produce the hits. 



If none of the above mentioned solutions resolve the issue, you can try the last but not the least option of resetting your Geek Bar vape. Most of the e-cigarettes available have a reset function that you can access through the menu or it can be performed by pressing a combination of buttons. You will receive the guidance through your device’s user manual instructions on how to perform the reset. However, only minor issues related to software glitches can be resolved through this method. Anything more than that requires a thorough inspection and solution.


A Geek Bar vape could not function if it has low battery. Many other reasons include a loose connection, dirt on ports, pod issues, leakage and insufficient e-juice quantity. Many of these can be resolved by simply inspection and taking an appropriate measure. It’s advised to charge device before usage and to keep it clean to avoid residual buildup.

If there is any residue, it can be removed by cleaning it with mild soap water. If nothing works, it’s time to change the pod or to consult the customer service center to get appropriate guidance and solution. If you keep your Geek Bar vapes health in check, it will last you a lot more than you have assumed. However, if there isn’t proper maintenance, it will wear out sooner than expected. 

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