If you have a Geek Bar in your hand and it starts to flash out of nowhere, what do you do? You might wonder why is my Geek Bar flashing and worry but there’s not anything to worry as it’s one of its features. It blinks to signal a specific meaning to its user and the user in turn must acknowledge these signs before using it. Let’s learn how these LED lights flash, when do they flash, and what to do about it!

Why is my Geek Bar Flashing; Indicator Lights

why is my geek bar flashing indicator lights

Not all vapes have indicator lights but Geek Bar vapes have it. It’s located at bottom or the base of device. The lights turns up when a person activates the device but it flashes to pass signals to users. By just looking at the LED light, they will understand the status of their device. It blinks in 4 different shades; red, blue, yellow and green. All these shades have different meanings.

For instance, when the battery is low or the e-juice is draining or emptying, it will blink to inform the user. Many other functions are also associated with it like if there’s an issue with the airflow of device, it will blink abruptly. It helps in letting the user know when they need to recharge, refill or replace their device. If the e-juice gets empty, it tells the user and it prevents them from drawing on it unnecessarily without any potential outcome. 

Geek Bar Indicator Lights and Their Meanings

geek bar indicator lights and their meanings

The base of Geek Bar vape has two LED lights and they are to signal two different things; the battery and e-juice status. When the e-juice is less than 15 percent, the red light will blink. Similarly, when the e-juice is between 15 to 50 percent, it blinks in yellow and when it’s in sufficient quantity ranging from 50 to 100 percent, it’s green.

The battery percentage is also displayed through it by another LED light which has a battery symbol across it. When it turns red, it means that it’s time for a recharge as the battery is less than 20 percent. Similarly, when it’s yellow, it means that the battery is between 20 to 50 percent whereas when it’s between 50 to 100 percent, it turns green in color. All these variations help the user in keeping account of their Geek Bar’s status. It also helps them to keep it charged and refilled to make sure they never miss out on their sessions. 

Persistent Issues

persistent issues

A continuous blink of any color could mean something else. For instance, if you see your battery at the same level and it blinks even after you have tried to charge it multiple times, it could signal other problems like something with the atomizer or a loose connection. You need some troubleshooting guide to find out the reason and also to make sure you are able to resolve it on your own. The Geek Bar vapes that have 550 mAh battery inside are not meant for a recharge, they are used for disposable purposes and once they get empty, you have to discard it. 

Others with a more battery and e-juice capacity needs some recharge. However, it’s an electronic device and it can face technical issues which could be a malfunction and not a human error. It was manufactured properly but something went wrong and now it doesn’t work fine. If your vape is showing an abrupt blinking and you know, it’s not the right signal for what it’s showing, it’s because it’s guiding you towards something else that needs an inspection. Here’s are some of the common troubleshooting issues which can be checked and resolved:

Troubleshooting Common Issues

troubleshooting common issues

As we are familiar with some common issues that might trigger the flashing of LED lights, here’s a detailed guide for resolving them:

The first step or the reason which could be behind flashing light is a low battery. Not to worry, all you have to do is to charge your device. Your Geek Bar should have sufficient battery to work properly and you can ensure that by plugging it into a compatible charger and reliable power source. 

If there’s an issue with the atomizer and it’s making the LED flash, you have to examine the atomizer to see if it’s securely connected to the battery source. If it’s not properly installed, it will lead to such problems. Residual buildup may affect the connection ports and the dirt can be removed by gentle cleaning. It will remove the dirt or barrier which is causing poor contact between the atomizer and battery. 

A physical damage can also be the reason and you have to carefully examine the device to see if it has any physical damage like a dent or a crack. If there is any physical damage which could be seen through the eyes, you must not try to inhale and activate the device because it may lead to accidents. It’s best to seek professional help at this stage. 

Overheating can make it malfunction that way. If a user continues to vape in hot and humid environments, the temperature of device keeps on rising and reaches a threshold which makes it showcase such behavior as a response. Try to cool it down by simply avoiding to vape for longer sessions at hot environments or when the temperature of device reaches up. 


Geek Bar have indicator lights which flash to signal different things to the user. These are located at the base of Geek Bar and flash when the e-juice is emptying, or the battery is draining. It flashes in yellow, green and red. It also flashes when there’s an issue with device and it can be resolved by inspecting for any physical damage, a loose linkage between atomizer and battery, or cleaning the ports. If nothing works, it’s essential to take help from customer service.

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