Why is my Esco bar not hitting? The main attributes of Esco Bar are a wide range of flavors and colors and easy accessibility. Moreover, these disposable vapes are very convenient to use. The Esco bar is so easy to operate but it makes it more frustrating when you hit an Esco bar to make vapor but it suddenly stops hitting after some vapor. Or it is more surprising when you take an Esco bar out of the box and expect to draw some puffs but the Esco bar doesn’t work at all. However, it happens rarely. 

When you have a vaping device like an Esco bar that does not hit, you must be curious to know why is my Esco bar not hitting, whether it is a new or used one. Sometimes the issues can be fixed that an Esco bar faces while operating. It is always good to know the reasons behind a non-hitting disposable vape and try to fix the problems before throwing it into the bin. What are the common reasons and their solutions behind why an Esco bar doesn’t hit? These are the main subjects of this article. Keep reading to learn further.

Why Is My Esco Bar Not Hitting?

why is my esco bar not hitting

A high-capacity Esco bar is designed and manufactured to be used for a hassle-free and amazing vaping experience. But did you ever face a frustrating situation when you pulled a disposable vape to draw a puff and found it was not hitting at all? You must be wondering why is my Esco bar not hitting, no matter whether the vape device is brand new or old. There can be some reasons why an Esco bar is not working or hitting.   

Depleted Battery

When you find an Esco bar not hitting when you inhale, there could be a reason that your vape device is partially out of charge or has a dead battery. If you have a rechargeable device, plug it into the charger and let the battery fill again for a great vaping experience. The rechargeable device comes with an indicator light on it. When the device is on low battery or fully charged, an indicator light shows you up. If you’re using a non-chargeable device, then unfortunately, it’s time to change the Esco bar vaping device.

Debris in Mouthpiece

debris in mouthpiece

When you find an Esco bar not hitting as expected, check the mouthpiece. If you are inhaling an old vaping device, there can be debris or blockage in the mouthpiece because sometimes putting the device in pockets or bags can cause airflow blockage in the mouthpiece. If you find any debris in your mouthpiece, remove it with a toothpick or cotton swab and make your mouthpiece neat and clean for an amazing vaping experience. 

If you find your brand-new Esco bar not hitting, the first and foremost step is to unpack the device properly. A minimal silicon cover on the mouthpiece can also be the reason for not hitting the puff. Remove that silicon puff and keep the mouthpiece debris-free.    

Clogged Airflow

clogged airflow

If your Esco bar is not hitting when you try to inhale, one reason could be a clogged airflow. The mouthpiece is not the only area that needs air to flow into the vaping device. The airflow holes found at the bottom of the device are small in size, usually like pinholes and mini slots. While inhaling, if you are covering partially or whole airflow holes, then your Esco bar will not hit. A vaping device needs air to hit a puff, so keep the airflow unclogged. The chances are rare but sometimes clogged airflow is caused by a faulty vaporization process.  

E-Liquid Level

A low e-liquid level or a drained vaping device can also be a reason for not hitting an Esco bar. If you are enjoying your vaping session and suddenly your vape device stops hitting, you must be wondering why is my Esco bar not hitting now. To know this, you may need to go back and think about your last 2-3 puffs. If you feel your last puff burned, a bad e-liquid or end up in the running e-liquid can be.

 On some devices, you can check the e-liquid level by removing the mouthpiece beneath it. There is cotton saturated with e-liquid. If the cotton wick looks dry, your vape device is out of e-liquid or cannot be hit. If you have a device that can be refilled, then go for it. If not, then you have to dispose of it and bring a new one.

Take A Break Between Puffs

take a break between puffs

When you take deeper and shorter puffs, it can make your device’s performance worse. Deeper and shorter puffs dry the cotton wick. You can feel a burned or acrid taste or even a disposable device can stop hitting after getting the wick dry. To get better performance from your Esco bar, it is crucial to take slower and longer puffs and take a break between two puffs to enjoy the vaping journey.  

Prime The Coil

Prime the coil of your Esco bar before using it, especially when you will use it for the first time. Take one or two dry puffs to make sure that it will help the coil to saturate with e-liquid to hit a perfect throat. 

Consider A Return

By following these simple steps, you can sometimes bring a new life to your Esco bar. But if you tried all the methods and failed to restart your Esco bar, then it is time to consider a return and ask for a refund from the store or shop where you purchased your vaping device. Always use vaping devices when you truly need them for nicotine cravings. To enjoy a botherless and quality vaping experience, choose a reliable vaping store or shop. You can also order these vaping devices from an online store. 



Troubleshooting when your Esco bar isn’t hitting can save you from a frustrating situation while having your vaping session. No matter whether your Esco bar is new or old, sometimes issues can be fixed with a non-functional device. Whenever you find your vape device is not hitting, check the battery level, clear the debris from the mouthpiece, and unclog the airflow vent. Furthermore, monitoring the e-liquid level and taking a break for a decent amount of time between two puffs can enhance the performance of your Esco bar. Make sure to prime the coils, especially with a new one, for optimal e-liquid saturation.

If you tested and tried all the steps mentioned but didn’t get any better on the device, then don’t hesitate to use the return or refund option. By understanding and addressing potential problems, you can extend the life of your Esco bar and keep enjoying its huge variety of colors and flavors without any interruption. Ensure to choose a reliable store for a seamless vaping experience. Remember to use these devices with responsibility, primarily for managing nicotine cravings. Happy vaping!  

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