An esco bar is a world-famous disposable vape device that is selling and being liked highly among many vapers who want to switch from smoking to vaping. The Esco bars are a pack of winning combinations because they have stylish designs, various flavors, and reliable performance that appeal to users. The reliability of these Esco bars is a big factor in their high sales. A wide range of flavors also plays a significant role in the popularity of these disposable vapes.

Imagine if you draw vapor from a new Escobar right out of the box, or if you draw vapor from an old one and you get shocked after a burn hit and you must be wondering why is my Esco bar burnt? and what would be the reason behind it.An esco bar that produces a burnt taste can ruin your vaping session or make vaping an unpleasant experience.

There can be many reasons for the burnt taste of Esco bars, but most of them can be avoided. Regardless of the vaping device, whether it is an elf bar or Esco bar, it could be a pod, an RDA, or others. A burnt taste doesn’t mean the end of your vaping device. There is no need to throw that old device into a bin and pick up a new, pricey setup for no reason. 

Why Is My Esco Bar Burnt?

why is my esco bar burnt

It is frustrating when you find an Esco bar giving a burnt hit and you must be thinking, why is my Esco bar burnt? What are the reasons? Or can you fix the problems on your own? First, stay calm, because having a burnt taste is a common problem among vapers. Second, in many cases, the issue can be solved or fixed. Hey, have a look at the reasons behind the burnt taste of the Esco bar and how to fix these issues on your own.

  1. Low/ Out of E-liquid 

When the wick of your esco bar is not fully saturated with e-liquid, the amount of e-liquid is small or the device is totally out of e-liquid. After getting dried out, the atomizer coil’s wick burns up and tastes burned. If the amount of concentrate is small, it can be fixed, but if the device is out of e-liquid and the cotton wick is burned, it’s time to replace it. 

  1. Chain Vaping 

If you are a chain vaper and used to taking long and frequent puffs without significant pausing, you may feel a burnt taste while vaping. When you draw long puffs without pausing, don’t allow the device’s wick to refresh itself. This is the main cause of burning the wick and any e-liquid residue on it produces a burnt taste. If you’re facing the same situation, you should take a break between two puffs for a reasonable amount of time. Let the wick soak up fresh e-liquid for a new and fresh puff.

  1. Wrong E-juice
wrong e juice

All the vape tanks are not compatible with all kinds of e-juice/liquid. High vegetable juice (VG) contains more sugar and is thicker juice. Some Esco bars are compatible with high VG, while others are not. Before filling out the cartridge, check the wick size. If the vape device has small holes, the high VG e-juice will become clogged in and will not allow vape juice to flow freely, resulting in a burnt taste. To avoid a burnt taste, use low-VG vape juice.

4. Non-Primed Coils

Priming coils is probably the main point of the list. If you want to enjoy a new and fresh vaping experience, always allow your device’s wick to saturate the concentrate properly before turning it on. The time required for priming a vape device varies for different models and types.  

5. Old/ Scorched Coils

old scorched coils

If you’re vaping a device with a refillable tank option, you must have experienced scorched flavor. Vape devices come with refillable tank options; you gradually need to change the wick or the whole tank at some points. But if your device’s wick does not burn and e-juice is adequately present in the device, then this is the time to change the old and scorched coils

6. Too-High Wattage

Pumping in too-high wattage may result in burned coils and a burnt taste. Vaping at high wattage will exceed the coil’s limits to vaporize e-liquid quickly; as a result, coils can burn the wick of the device. Although a decent amount of e-liquid is present in the device, to avoid this situation, don’t exceed the limit on wattage.   

7. Malfunctioning/faulty disposable vape 

If your Esco bar device tastes burned right out of the box, it could be malfunctioning. There are rare chances but sometimes some errors can happen during manufacturing. But if your vaping device doesn’t last long and tastes burned after some use, you should ask your salesperson/ vape store why is my Esco bar burnt. And ask him to fix the issue. To buy a genuine and good product, always choose a reliable vaping store.

Is it OK to hit a burnt vape?

is it ok to hit a burnt vape

If you ever face a situation like hitting a burned vape, go and find out why is my Esco bar burnt and fix the issue. If issues are not going to be fixed, then replace your vaping device. Because burn hits can potentially expose you to harmful chemicals and toxins, these chemicals may have some severe health consequences, like throat and lung irritation and respiratory illness. Always replace your device’s wick or coil in time, and also keep your device in good condition or replace it when needed.


The popularity of the Esco bar as a disposable vape device is well-deserved, given its winning combination of stylish designs, a wide range of flavors, and reliable performance. However, experiencing a burnt hit can damage your vaping cravings. To enjoy a seamless vaping experience, it is crucial to know the reasons behind a burnt hit. 

Whether it’s due to low e-liquid levels, chain vaping without breaks, incompatible e-juice, non-primed coils, old or scorched coils, or excessively high wattage, most causes of burnt taste can be avoided with proper care. It’s essential to ensure the wick is fully saturated, take breaks between puffs, use compatible e-juice, prime coils adequately, replace old coils, and avoid exceeding wattage limits.

Moreover, if you experience a burnt taste right out of the box or after some use, it indicates a malfunction or a faulty disposable vape device. In such cases, it’s advisable to consult with the salesperson or vape store for assistance and to ensure the authenticity of the product.

In conclusion, enjoying a satisfying vaping experience with Esco bars involves not only choosing the right device but also adopting good practices to avoid common problems. By addressing and understanding the factors leading to a burnt taste, vapers can enhance the longevity and performance of their Esco bars, making the switch from smoking to vaping a smooth and enjoyable journey.

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