When you want to vape but your Elf Bar not hitting but lighting up, it could be frustrating. It might look like its functioning, but the device will not produce vapour. Elf Bar, just like any other device, can malfunction. Every electronic device is prone to it, and so is an Elf Bar. But what could be the possible reasons and how to resolve them is necessary to understand. Let’s learn about what is happening and how to deal with it!

Why is My Elf Bar Not Hitting but Lighting Up; what’s happening?

why is my elf bar not hitting but lighting up whats happening

If your Elf Bar is not hitting, there’s not much to worry about because it’s not something that is uncommon. There are a few reasons that need to be considered, because these might be the real cause behind it. Understanding why it is happening requires patience. You need some experimentation to understand it. It’s also important to consider that each device and model has its own way of functioning and its own quirks. 

Therefore, users must not be afraid to try different solutions to see what would work best for them. If nothing works, the last thing will be to reach out to customer support. However, things might just work well if a user experiencing this problem takes advice from an experienced vaper, as they provide valuable insights that can resolve this issue. 

Possible Causes

possible causes

One of the few possible reasons could be a faulty connection. If the connection between the atomizer and the battery is loose, it can cause the lighting up of Elf Bar but would not produce vapors. The faulty connection could be due to dirt or loosening up. It prevents the device from functioning properly as it does not deliver the required power for the coil. 

Apart from that, if the coil is clogged or burned out, it can also lead to this issue. It often occurs that when the Elf Bar is being used for a long period of time, the residue from e-liquid can come out and build up on the coil. It also affects its performance and causes problems while producing vapour. Another possible reason is a depleted battery, which can cause potential problems. 

The battery should be sufficiently charged; otherwise, there might not be enough power to heat up the coil. The heating of the coil is actually the main reason behind vapour production. If it is not happening due to any cause, the vapour production will stop. Another reason could be an error on the user’s end. If they are using an improper inhalation technique or they are not properly activating the device, these things can lead to it too. It is important to check these things and troubleshoot all these factors to see each possibility, which can help in identifying and resolving the issue.

Possible Solutions

possible solutions

If you have tried finding out the reason why your Elf Bar not hitting but lighting up, there are some possible solutions for it that you can consider. If the problem is due to a faulty connection between the device and the pod, then you need to remove the pod. Once you have removed it, you need to clean the contacts of the device and the pod. After cleaning, make sure the reattachment is firm and the connection is now properly made. Sometimes the airflow could be stuck or obstructed. 

It is due to the debris or buildup that can block the airflow sensor, and it will not activate the inhaling. In order to resolve this issue, a gentle blow through the device can help. If not, a cotton swab can be used to clean the airflow area. It will restore its proper functioning. If both of these things are not having an issue, then the coil needs a replacement because, with time, it gets clogged or worn out and needs to be replaced with a new one. 

Steps to Resolve Problem

steps to resolve problem

If you want to learn the simple steps to resolving this issue, these include disconnecting the pod and cleaning the contacts. The next step is to see whether the battery has enough charge or not and if it is connected correctly. The third step should be to inspect for any leakage or physical damage.

After inspection, the airflow must be checked and cleaned with swabs to unclog it. If the issue persists, another pod should be used to see if the problem goes away or not. The last step should be to seek professional help and advice if all the steps mentioned fail.

How to Avoid It?

how to avoid It

If you vape regularly or if you do it occasionally, in both cases, users must pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of their device. The reason is that sometimes people do not inspect their device and keep on using it; the device loses its integrity due to various reasons. If the airflow gets clogged due to the residual build-up, it reduces the shelf life of the device. 

The same is the case with overcharging the battery. When the battery constantly receives more power than it is built to handle, it will wear out before time. The Elf Bar would light up, but it would not produce the vapour required to vape. All these things should be considered if someone wants to avoid these problems from emerging in the future. 


Sometimes it happens that the Elf Bar lights up but does not produce the vapors. It might be due to various reasons, like the battery connection might be lost, it might be dirty, the battery might not be sufficiently charged, and other reasons like clogged airflow due to residue. These things can be resolved after inspection and finding out the real cause. The battery connection can be restored by cleaning, and the airflow can be unclogged by a swab. It requires patience and experimentation to resolve it.

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