If you are looking for why does my voopoo argus keeps turning off ,then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

Revolutions bring newer things into the world. None of the fields are without the impact of revolution and the same is the case with vapes. Voopoo Argus is the new addition to the series. If you have one, and you are wondering why my Voopoo Argus keeps turning off?

We are here to make you understand in detail. You will learn about the causes behind it and once you have learned the real cause of it in your Voopoo Argus, you will be able to make it right. Let’s dig into it!

Why Does My Voopoo Argus Keeps Turning Off; Brief Introduction to Voopoo Argus

Why Does My Voopoo Argus Keeps Turning Off; Brief Introduction to Voopoo Argus

Voopoo is a prominent vape brand. Voopoo Argus is their new vape model. It’s similar to their Voopoo V-Thru. However, some of the prominent features include two tanks of 2ml capacity each, up to 800 mAh battery, Gene Chip of 1.2 and adjustable wattage settings which allow the range between 5 to 20 Watt. The airflow is adjustable and it’s available in 6 varieties of colors ranging from black to carbon.

Why Does My Voopoo Argus Keeps Turning Off; Reasons

Why Does My Voopoo Argus Keeps Turning Off; Reasons

1. Depleted Battery

If the Voopoo Argus is turning off again and again, it might be related to it’s battery. It’s common that the batteries deplete with time. They can get damaged with constant use and as they are old, they do not have much capacity to hold charge. This might be the reason behind your Voopoo Argus turning off. 

2. Loosening of Device Components

It’s possible that if the Voopoo Argus is continuously used, or if it’s dropped often, the components and connections might loosen up. The most common loosening is of the battery contacts. The connectors lose their capacity to attach properly. Hence, leading to a malfunctioning Voopoo.

3. Overheating

If you are constantly vaping, the device might heat up. If it exceeds the optimum limit of temperature, the device shuts off on its own. It’s a common cause behind Voopoo constantly shutting off. 

4. Outdated Firmware

Any electronic device that has a software, if it’s outdated, the device will start to show unusual behavior and even might turn off. Same is the case with Voopoo Argus. It has a firmware inside and if it’s not up to date, it will lead to unfortunate happenings. 

5. Timer 

Voopoo Argus has an auto timer that turns off the vape device if it’s not in use. The main purpose of doing so is to save the battery life. But if accidentally the user sets the timer too short, it will end up turning off the device often.

6. Start Button Issues

The device power button has a huge role in deciding when the device will turn up or off. If it’s malfunctioning then Voopoo will turn off on it’s own. 

7. Human Error

If a user mistakenly presses the power button in multiple successions. It will turn the Voopoo off. It’s not intentional therefore people might not understand what’s exactly happening to their device. 

8. Short-circuits Due To Leakage

If the e-juice is spilling inside, it’s leaking and reaching into the vape compartments. If it happens, it can lead to short circuits. As a result, the Voopoo Argus will keep switching off. Look for the leakage, as it might be the culprit in your case. 

9. Damage 

The device might be physically damage. It’s possible that if you have dropped it several times, your Voopoo Argus has gained damage to it’s compartments. The damage might be in any form. It might be a crack, a dent or broken compartments. An inspection would help find it for you. 

Why Does My Voopoo Argus Keeps Turning Off; Ways To Fix It

Why Does My Voopoo Argus Keeps Turning Off; Ways To Fix It

If the Argus is turning off due to battery issues, a replacement would solve the problem. If the connections are loose, it’s time to fix them up. The device needs to be opened up and the compartments must be thoroughly inspected. If the contacts are dirty, cleaning would do the purpose but if the tank connection is loose, it needs to be tightened up. 

The threading needs to be checked if its aligned or not. Too much tightness is also not advised as it would damage the device. If the reason is overheating, an avoidance to overdo it would help. Proper ventilation in the area also helps in maintaining its temperature. 

Keep the firmware updated because if it’s not up to date, it can turn off the Voopoo. Checking the auto timer and setting it off might help if it’s set up. The switch or main power button needs to be inspected. Fixing it would fix the problem. Do not press the power button and make intentional moves with it. 

It’s important to see whether the pod tank is properly sealed. If the Voopoo is physically damaged, the repair depends on the intensity of damage. If the damage is beyond repair, a new Voopoo Argus would be required. 


If you are new to vaping, you might face several issues. If you are wondering why the Voopoo Argus keeps turning off, it might be due to several reasons that have been discussed above. The only way to deal and eliminate it is to find the cause behind it. Once it has been found, the remediation procedure would be easier. Users find it difficult to learn about their device.

It’s necessary to learn in detail because without it, you won’t be able to deal when you encounter any problem or issues with it. However, in this case, as mentioned, each reason can be dealt with. But if the Voopoo Argus is beyond repair, then the only option is to get a new one.¬†

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