If you are looking for Why Does My Vape Leak?, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know. If you are searching for the answer to the most common question you hear as a vapor, why does my vape tank leak? This condition is very annoying for any vape user. This could happen unexpectedly anywhere, maybe at a party, in a meeting, or at your first meeting with your in-laws.

This mishap can spoil your branded outfit and demolish your expensive bag. If you discover vape leakage, there could be many reasons for it. Nothing can happen without any reason. So here are some reasons that may cause the leakage of vapor and how you can fix it. Your tank leakage will be settled based on the below factors.

Vape Tank Leak Due To Overfilling 

My Vape Tank Leak Due To Overfilling

If you put too much e-liquid in your pod or vape tank, it will leak. When you fill your tank to the top, you will observe that when you vape, that e-liquid will leak into your mouth or through the air holes. Overfilling the vape tank can cause the coil to flood. Sometimes vape users do not know that they have to refill their devices. While purchasing the vaporizer, do ask for a refilling policy for the vaporizer from the Mod Shop.

Griped Your Vape Properly 

Griped Your Vape Properly

If you don’t pay attention to all of your device’s components, you’ll run into problems. If your e-liquid leaks from the joints in your vape tank, you have to make sure that all the parts of the vape are connected properly. Did you tighten the top and base of the tank? If all the parts are not connected properly, the tank will leak. Do not tighten too many parts of the vape; it may slip the screws of your device, which could be one of the causes of vape tank leakage. If the coil of the vaporizer is not fitted properly,  it will cause leakage in the tank. Make sure all the parts are properly fitted and connected.

Horizontal Position Of Device 

Horizontal Position Of Device

Because the tank contains air holes, it is crucial to remember that the vaporizer should never be stored in a horizontal position when it is not being used. If you want to store your device in a horizontal position for an extended period of time, you incur the risk of vape tanks leaking through air holes, which would require the purchase of a new chimney. If you intend to store your device in a vertical position, you do not suffer this risk.

Vape Tank Leak If You Are Having Inappropriate Insufflated Technique

We cannot say all the time that our tank or other parts of the vape cause leakage of e-liquid. Often, people do not know how to inhale vapor because smoking and vaping are two different things. We can’t puff on a cigarette like we can inhale one. Keep in mind that if you inhale too quickly, a vaporous compound that is heating up your pear juice will cause e-liquid to leak into your mouth. If you do not follow the recommended vaping technique, you may experience e-juice leakage in your mouth and have a bad experience. If you are new to vaping, you should seek advice from a professional.

You are a new user, and you do not want to experience vape tank leaks. You should follow all the instructions for assembling the vaporizer and the juice here.

Vape Tank Leak Due To Old And Damaged Coils

If you are using an old coil or it has been in use for a long time, our vaporizer will not work properly. If your coil is near the end, it will cause an excess of e-liquid in the coil, so it will not convert to vaping. The same happens if a vape uses the wrong coil in the wrong appliance.

There are different coils for different vape devices. If your coil is wrong according to your vaping device or style, too much e-liquid passes through the coil, causing leakage.

Inappropriate Fitting  Seals And Broken Seals

If you observe your vape tank leaking from the bottom, it means that your vape seal’s condition is not fine. We can say it is due to a broken seal. There are seals at the top and bottom of the vape, between the cap and tank of the vape. Due to continuous opening and tightening while refilling, seals get damaged, broken, and rotten, and then leakage of vape tanks happens. Seals also protect e-liquid from leakage, but if the seal on the coil is broken, leakage from the tank will happen. 


If you see your vape tank leaking at any of the above points, we’ve shown you the different things that could be wrong. Many users have experienced leaky vapor. Overfilling, broken seals, incorrect inhalation technique, improper placement of the device, and overtightening can all result in vape tank leakage. If you find out your vape tank is leaking due to broken seals, irrelevant use of coils, demolished vape tanks, or inappropriate components of your device, improved power handling of your device may be the reason for the leakage. You should use good-quality coils in your vape or use high-quality e-juice. If you use the wrong vape juice and its settings, it will cause vape tank leakage.

Above all, these three factors are responsible for the longevity of your vape tank. It may be difficult to find out which factor is responsible for vape tank leakage, but fixing all the above factors will improve your vaping

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