When you are new to vaping, and suddenly it hits you, a question might arise in your head where you ask why does my vape burn my throat? You will be asking yourself this question after you experience a scratchy throat.

When the vaporized liquid during vaping is inhaled using an e-cigarette, it may or may not be containing nicotine inside. When a smoker smokes a cigarette, the substances within it are burned and produce a cloud of smoke. But in the case of vaping, that doesn’t occur. Even though the process is very different than smoking, it still sometimes causes a burning sensation in the throat among vapers.

It happens with smokers too where they take a hit of their smoke and then sit there wishing they had not taken it. It occurs every once in a while. No matter what, the hit is just too strong which leads to a normal burning sensation. The burning does go away on its own but the experience is not just smooth like the way it should be. It destroys the entire vaping session. Sometimes the throat hit users experience takes time to heal and it gets really annoying. It is supposed to be a fun experience and not something which leads to an uncomfortable lingering situation for users.

However, if the vape hits whenever it’s being used then this is a concern that needs consideration. If you use your vape and it hits you every single time, you might wonder why does my vape burn my throat? To eliminate this continuous discomfort that you might have to face with each experience, all possibilities have to be considered to reach the actual reason behind these hits.

Let’s take a detailed look at all the possible reasons which might be responsible for why my vape burns my throat to enable all vapers for having a smooth vaping experience as much as possible.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat? Explaining the Throat Hit

When nicotine is inhaled, the sensation which is felt is termed the throat hit. The throat hit however differs as per the variations which may be present among the temperature and the amount of nicotine present within the vape liquid. The hit may lead to a sore throat in people who are new to vaping.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat? The Concentrations

When the vape liquid contains a higher concentration of propylene glycol and diacetyl which is a volatile organic compound, these can lead to dryness and soreness of the throat. All these components are commonly referred to as throat irritants. Normally, PG is an ingredient that is present in cosmetics and food products. If it’s the PG amount then a higher VG-based e-liquid would be a great alternative.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat? The Wrong e-liquid

The ingredients found within vaping e-liquids are usually certified and have been considered safe for all users. However, it occurs in a few people who experience slight throat irritation after its usage. As explained earlier, PG or Propylene Glycol has the capacity of producing this irritation.

People are sometimes allergic to it and hence develop a sore throat but it has nothing to worry about as it goes away easily. An alternative to experience smoother vaping is to switch to vegetable glycerin-based e-liquids which cause less irritation.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat? The Strength of e-liquid

The severity with which the vapor hits the throat is dependent upon the strength of e-liquids. The stronger it gets, the higher its potential of causing burning in the throat. If the strength is the reason behind it, reducing it would help better the experience.

In many cases, usually smokers shift to vaping and are interested in trying out higher-strength liquids. For that, it’s a great choice to use nic salts without shifting to a weaker e-flavor because they contain a smoother nicotine type that doesn’t produce the same throat hit as normal e-liquids.

Why Does My Vape Burn My Throat? The Weakness of e-liquid

People think that only a higher-strength e-liquid would give a throat hit but in actuality, it’s not like that if the liquid is too weak, it would also do the same.

Now it’s a serious question when the strength is low, why does my vape burn my throat? It occurs as a symptom of nicotine withdrawal where a person isn’t getting enough dose of nicotine and hence it leads to a throat hit.

How can we resolve this issue? If it’s the strength then increasing it by using a higher potency e-liquid would eliminate this issue.


Vaping is for fun and therefore it’s necessary to make the experience smooth for users instead of something which would give a burning sensation in the throat. The burning thing which users feel is known as the throat hit and there could be any reason behind it.

It might be the PG amount found in it which could cause an allergy in people. Apart from that, the strength of e-liquids could also cause it if it’s too high or too low. The type of e-liquid which is being used is also a great concern as a type that contains irritants like PG or diacetyl could cause throat hit in many people.

Instead of having a sore throat, an easier way to deal with it is to look for the particular reason and remove it. However, various types of e-liquids are kind towards throat are also present and users can browse to find what suits them best.

Normally the reason behind it is among the ones mentioned above, if nothing helps then it’s recommended to use a different vaping device because sometimes even though users have tried altering the conditions, the vaping experience just doesn’t get any better. For that, a top-quality vape would serve as the best option. It will be a one-time investment for users only if its maintenance isn’t taken for granted and they keep it regular.