Why am I getting e-juice in my mouth? Whether you are a new or experienced vaper, you may encounter this issue at any time during your vaping session. In the vaping community, this phenomenon is known as vape spit-back or spitting. Imagine pulling out your favorite flavor vape while you are sitting with your friends and gossiping to make the moment even more special. When you take your first draw, all that is left in your mouth is vape juice. You will experience irritation and depression as a result.

Direct contact with high-concentration nicotine leaves you feeling nauseous, but getting vape juice in your mouth does not pose a significant health risk. Vapes may have technical problems similar to these and others, just like any other electronic device. To solve these problems, it is necessary to investigate the underlying causes and make an effort to address them. This comprehensive guide will assist you in understanding these issues and their resolutions.

What is Vape Spit-Back?

When you take a puff from your vape and get hot e-liquid on your lips instead of vapor clouds of your favorite flavor, this is referred to as vape spitting. Vape spitback occurs when an excessive amount of e-liquid builds up in the coil’s center and is not given enough time to evaporate. This steaming vape juice hits your mouth through the mouthpiece as you inhale, making you feel uncomfortable.

Why Am I Getting E-Juice in my Mouth? Problems and their Solutions

Vape spitting does not have a single cause; it can occur for a variety of reasons. To resolve the problem, one must delve deeply into the underlying cause. Let us investigate these causes and solutions one by one.

Oversaturation of E-Liquid

oversaturation of e liquid

Why am I getting e-juice in my mouth? Excess e-liquid filling is a major contributing factor to this issue. When you fill your vaping device above the filling line, excess vape juice seeps into the coil. This leads to an oversaturation of the coil and wick, which makes the vape spit back during inhalation. Always fill the e-liquid up to the indicated level. The easy method to remove excess vape juice is to slightly tap the device. The excess vape juice drains from the mouthpiece, which is then cleaned with a tissue. You can also do this by using a tissue to cover the mouthpiece and flicking the vaporizer down two or three times. 

Internal Leakage in the Vape

Spitting may occur due to some internal leakage in the device. Just take the tank out of the device and give it a close inspection to see if there is a leak. Ensure that all connections are secure and that the seals are positioned correctly. Additionally, keep your device clean and store it in the appropriate location at all times to avoid leaks.  

Excessive Inhaling

excessive inhaling

Another reason for your vape to be spitting is excessive inhalation. When you take a long and deep drag, you create a vacuum effect that draws more e-liquid out of the tank and into the coil. The liquid on the coil heats up but does not vaporize in time, leaving vape juice in your mouth when you inhale. Always attempt to inhale tiny puffs spaced apart to avoid this issue. Little puffs will allow the e-liquid to have enough time on the coil to vaporize, preventing you from getting vape juice in your mouth. 

Over Priming

Upon first use, a common practice among vapers is priming—this involves placing a few e-liquid drops in the coil’s middle. As a result, the wicking material can be quickly and completely saturated, preventing the coil from burning dry. You are all set to enjoy a smooth vaping experience. On the other hand, overpriming causes vape spit-back. Try adding e-liquid drop by drop to avoid overpriming; when the wicking material turns brown, it is primed and ready for use.

PG/VG Ratio of E-Liquid

Why am I getting e-juice in my mouth? It may be due to an inappropriate VG/PG ratio. Every e-liquid contains a specific ratio of VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol). To avoid vape juice getting into your mouth, use e-liquid that has a higher VG than PG content. High-VG e-liquids are thicker and require more time to fully saturate the coil. Conversely, e-liquids with a high PG content are thinner and cause oversaturation of the coil, which causes spitting.

Adjust Airflow Settings

By reducing your device’s airflow, you can lessen the likelihood that vape juice will end up in your mouth. Airflow allows you to control the strength of your draws or puffs, reducing the chance of spitting back. Experiment with different airflow settings to get the perfect one that is best for you and your device.

Adjust Power Setting of Device

adjust power setting of device

To prevent spitting, use the high power setting on your vaping device. You will be less likely to get vape juice in your mouth when using the high-power setting because the vape juice on the coil quickly turns into vapor. Steer clear of extremely high wattage, as this can cause burnt hits and harm the coil.   

Activate the Vape Without Inhaling

This easy trick works incredibly well. Press the firing button down without taking a puff to activate your vape before using it. Do it 2-3 times for better results. This trick will vaporize the excess vape juice on the coil and reduce the likelihood of spitback.



Why am I getting e-juice in my mouth? Vape spitback, or spitting, is very common among vapers. Suddenly, during your calm vaping session, you will taste hot e-liquid. It will ruin your mood and the whole vaping experience. Have patience and make an effort to identify the root of the issue. Oversaturation of the e-liquid, overpriming of the coil, prolonged inhalation, internal leaks, and the use of the wrong vape juice are some of the causes of spitting.

Do not give up, because there are several solutions to this issue. You can fix the problem by using your vape at high wattage, using vape juice with high VG content, reducing airflow, and keeping your vaping device clean and properly stored. If nothing works, feel free to contact the customer support center.

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