People with the habit of constant vaping usually ask when can I vape after wisdom teeth removal right after their surgery. The answer to their question is quite simple and it’s a clear No. It’s because of the complexities which the vaping would produce after wisdom teeth removal.

Oral health is far more greater than the habit of vaping and as the surgeons suggest; the likelihood of receiving an injury due to vaping after an oral surgery increases due to vaping.

However, that doesn’t mean that a vaper would discontinue the vaping entirely if they encounter oral surgery. It simply means there’s a certain time period during which they must restrain themselves from such an act. So, the question here for a vaper arises again which is when can I vape after wisdom teeth removal? Let’s find out!

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; The Complications

When an individual has gone through oral surgery then vaping after that can cause some complications for them. Oral surgery has various types and wisdom teeth removal also comes under it. The soft tissues in the oral region are altered during it and even injured, therefore the recovery process takes time.

Habits of a person decide their future. Vaping is indeed a habit and withdrawing from it even for some time could be hard for real and continuous vapers. However, it’s important to alter these habits otherwise it would not only delay the entire recovery but even lead to various issues such as infections, etc.

One needs to abstain from vaping because the heat it causes and the chemicals it contains within its e-liquid are responsible for causing irritations and inflammations within the mouth, especially to the soft tissues that are going through recovery. Nicotine in vape usually slows down recovery. Another major problem is the suction of the vape. When a user sucks, the pressure of this action can lead to traumatization or loss of blood clot normally known as a dry socket at the healing site.

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; The Dry Socket

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Alveolar osteitis is a health condition commonly referred to as the dry socket where the loosening of the blood clot within the healing site of tooth extraction occurs. When the clot is dislodged from its place, the tissue and the nerves associated with it are exposed to infections which often leads to pain.

There are many signs which should be looked at and if any of these are being noticed, the individual must consult a doctor first. These include the pain which might be experienced during vape suction or chewing something, severe pain involving one side of the ear and eye along with the jaw, extra bleeding, and white bone exposure at the site.

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; The Time Period

Just like smoking, it’s advised to stay away from smoking a vape and the individual must wait at least 48 hours after the wisdom teeth removal procedure. Ideally, a person must stop smoking two days before and after the surgery. If it’s not stopped, it increases the chance of oral infections especially if it leads to an increased risk of developing a dry socket. When it occurs, the healing gets delayed and the site often starts to serve as an open platform for bacteria to invade.

When Can I Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal; The Tips and Tricks

A vaper is usually looking for ways to vape a few puffs during the period with minimal effects. A few tips can be found useful in this matter, these include a 24-hour wait. The first thing to do is wait not for a continuous 48 hours but at least for 24 before vaping and the reason is to let the blood clot settle in place. If the vaping is done before that, the blood clot would dislodge from its place and it would restrict the entire healing process.

A trick is to use gauze while vaping. How to do it? Well, the method is quite simple. All you have to do is to put a wet gauze over the wound or site which would cover the healing tissues and won’t expose them directly to the chemicals or vapor from vaping.

Once the wound has been covered, the mouth must be kept a bit open and the puffs must be shallow not too deep. It would prevent creating any pressure on site and the vapor would escape from the partially open mouth too. When there isn’t much negative pressure, the chances of blood clot dislodging are reduced to the minimum. But what about the vapor with its chemicals? That possess a great concern.

These precautionary measures can help in reducing the occurrence of dry sockets however it’s advised to stay away from vaping for at least some time. Because in any case, no matter how much you need to continue a certain habit, health comes first. Nothing is too important to risk your health for.


Habits are too hard to quit and withdraw even for a short period. The same is the case with vaping. Vapers can’t withdraw from it if they have a constant habit of doing it. However, there are certain conditions where continuing it would lead to complications. One example of such a condition is wisdom teeth removal. When a user goes through it, they are constantly looking for ways to get back with their vape.

It is advised to stay away from it for at least 24 hours however if somebody still needs to do it, they can follow a few tips. These include vaping with a partially open mouth, not using and applying a lot of suction, and especially using a gauze piece to cover their healing site. It would help the vapers from developing dry sockets in their mouth. Although these tips help it’s suggested to completely withdraw from it to eliminate any possible chance of developing any infection.