We’ve all experienced it. Your disposable vape starts blinking as you enjoy a great vaping session while you’re out and about. What does it mean when a disposable vape blinks? Is it trying to communicate with you? Is it attempting to communicate with you?

Unfortunately, the solution may be more obvious. Even though some broad rules can help, it’s ultimately up to us to interpret what our disposable vapes are trying to tell us. So, what does it mean when a disposable vape blinks, then? Let’s look more closely.

What Does It Mean When A Disposable Vape Blinks?

What Does It Mean When A Disposable Vape Blinks

Some of the finest explanations for your vape blinking to you are as follows:

Battery Failure

One answer to what does it mean when a disposable vape blinks is battery failure. If your disposable vape starts blinking after some use, the battery is probably dead. To determine whether the battery failed at the appropriate time, take into account the number of puffs the device is said to have. A small AIO vape often provides up to 300 puffs, which is sufficient for vaping for one or two days.

If you have been using the gadget for that long, it’s probably time to replace it. After setting an all-in-one (AIO) vape away for a few hours, you might be able to use it for a few more puffs, but you should prepare to replace it.

Higher capacity vapes, however, can occasionally last a week or longer. Look for a USB port if your gadget seems to have died suddenly. Rechargeable batteries are typically used in high-capacity vapes so that you can use up all of the e-liquid inside the device before discarding it.

However, as cables are seldom included with rechargeable AIO vapes, you might not have yet noticed the charging port. If a cable was supplied with every item, the price would go up, and there would be more waste. If your gadget has a charging port, you can connect it to your computer using any accessible cable to charge it.

Puff Timer Has Passed

Every vaping device has a timer built in that stops very long puffs right away to assist in preventing overheating. A disposable vape’s puff timer is often set to 8 to 10 seconds. If you inhale for a longer period of time than your gadget permits, it will turn off and blink. In this situation, your vape’s blinking indicates that you should inhale more quickly rather than that the battery is running low.

Vape Is Too Hot

Another reason why your disposable vape can blink before the battery dies is if the temperature inside it is too high. A lithium-ion battery is required to power every device, and lithium-ion batteries are extremely heat-sensitive. It presents a serious safety risk because thermal runaway, an uncontrolled chemical reaction, might result in a lithium-ion battery getting too hot and catching fire.

For further security, this type of vape typically features an internal temperature sensor that forces the device to turn off if it becomes too hot. You might experience this if you chain vape really violently or if you vape in a warm environment, such as the sun. If this happens, move your device to a cooler location and store it there for a while.

Using a disposable vape in a hot setting might cause the battery to deplete more quickly and reduce the number of puffs the device can give, even though lithium-ion battery fires are rare.


To prevent the battery from failing, a gadget may additionally contain an integrated short circuit detecting system. A vape of this kind rarely blinks to indicate that a short circuit has been found. After all, they lack an exchangeable atomizer coil and aren’t intended to be maintained by the end user. A short circuit could occur, though, if the device is damaged.

Did any damage cause your vape to start blinking? For instance, if a vape is dropped on something hard or run over by a car, the battery or atomizer coil may be harmed. In that case, a short circuit might occur. Since most internal damage to a disposable vape is either impractical or impossible to fix, the best course of action in this circumstance is to discard the device and start using a new one.

Dropping the gadget into the water also has the potential to cause a short circuit. In this situation, there is a remote chance of preserving it. Start by blowing firmly through the mouthpiece while holding a paper towel over the device’s bottom air vents.

Blowing through the device will cause the majority of the water to be ejected. After that, store the device for a day or two in a plastic bag with some dry rice. It will work much better if you have some desiccant packets on hand. The goal is to totally drain any moisture that may have been trapped inside the device.

After around 24-48 hours, take the vape out of the bag and start using it. You should be able to use the gadget if it works, and you will need to replace it if it malfunctions.

Final Thoughts

We’ve now discussed the various interpretations of a disposable vape that blinks. We hope this blog post has helped you clarify all your confusions and answers your query. Whether it’s a sign of a low battery or merely that you’re due for a new one. Whatever the situation, keep an eye on your vape, so you always know what does it mean when a disposable vape blinks.