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Toker Poker



  • Easy to use
  • A Must have
  • Soulfully designed sleeve
  • Stainless Steel Poker
  • Stainless Steel Tamper
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It has everything you need to be connected right to the lighter for comfort. Because of its cone form and steel plate at its end, this tamper is quite beneficial in controlling the cherry’s burning. Instead of getting ash all over the bottom of the lighter or your thumb. The diameter of a big paperclip is around 2-3 times that of a poker stick. The hole it slides into on the lighter casing will get drenched up with ash and resin if you’re using it often, so cleaning it is a good idea. On a paper towel, rub a little rubbing alcohol.

All-inclusive If you’ve ever had a problem with your lighter falling out of your hand, this revolutionary design is the answer.

Stainless-steel retractable POKER to keep your glass free of obstructions and cleanly flowing. To ensure a perfect cherry every time, an integrated stainless-steel TAMPER/HAMMER keeps things tight. we consider our goods and their quality extremely seriously.

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