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Gambler 6oz Silver


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Gambler tobacco is produced with only the finest tobacco leaves available. The silver flavor is not overpowering, but it is lovely and full, with a wonderful aftertaste. The Gambler cigarette brand is excellent because it has a long burn time and a lovely aroma.

Notable features:
burning nonstop
Superb taste
A trip without stress or hassle.

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Reviews (35)
  1. Aurelio (verified owner)

  2. Pierce (verified owner)

  3. Ima (verified owner)

  4. Isaias (verified owner)

  5. Linnea (verified owner)

  6. Noemi (verified owner)

  7. Kirstin (verified owner)

  8. Green (verified owner)

  9. Matt (verified owner)

  10. Juliet (verified owner)

  11. Gisselle (verified owner)

  12. Mariela (verified owner)

  13. Dariana (verified owner)

  14. Kaley (verified owner)

  15. Alexys (verified owner)

  16. Juwan (verified owner)

  17. Arlene (verified owner)

  18. Lucy (verified owner)

  19. Nedra (verified owner)

  20. Abigale (verified owner)

  21. Johnathan (verified owner)

  22. Orie (verified owner)

  23. Aurelia (verified owner)

  24. Emmett (verified owner)

  25. Sister (verified owner)

  26. Tyshawn (verified owner)

  27. Sabrina (verified owner)

  28. Derick (verified owner)

  29. Stella (verified owner)

  30. Madisyn (verified owner)

  31. Shannon (verified owner)

  32. Godfrey (verified owner)

  33. Yessenia (verified owner)

  34. Sanford (verified owner)

  35. Nels (verified owner)

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