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Al Fakher Mango Flavor


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Try the Al Fakher Mango Flavor and transport yourself to a tropical paradise. This premium shisha tobacco has an exquisite aroma and taste reminiscent of sweet, ripe mangoes. Sweet and sour flavors burst forth with every inhalation, making for an exceptionally pleasurable vaping experience. Al Fakher Mango Flavor is expertly blended to produce a consistent, flavorful smoke reminiscent of the pleasant scent of mango. Whether you’re a seasoned shisha smoker or just starting out, this flavor will hit the spot. Al Fakher Mango Flavor can elevate your hookah sessions to new heights with its enticing scent.

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Reviews (30)
  1. Tiana (verified owner)

  2. Ophelia (verified owner)

  3. Edgar (verified owner)

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  7. Julia (verified owner)

  8. Jessy (verified owner)

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  10. Miguel (verified owner)

  11. Hertha (verified owner)

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  16. Chelsea (verified owner)

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  18. Stanton (verified owner)

  19. Zelda (verified owner)

  20. Valerie (verified owner)

  21. Bernardo (verified owner)

  22. Emelie (verified owner)

  23. Patience (verified owner)

  24. Hilda (verified owner)

  25. Sarina (verified owner)

  26. Madisyn (verified owner)

  27. Dereck (verified owner)

  28. Elliott (verified owner)

  29. Reynold (verified owner)

  30. Althea (verified owner)

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