Al Fakher Lemon W Mint Flavor


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Here’s a flavor that’ll take your hookah session to new heights: Al Fakher Lemon with Mint Flavor. It’s a symphony of tangy citrus and minty freshness. Lemons kissed by the sun have an exhilarating tang that dances across your taste senses, beckoning you to dive in. In addition, a touch of minty freshness blends in without effort, making for an aromatic experience that is both calming and revitalizing.

Carefully crafted to perfection, every puff of Al Fakher Lemon with Mint Flavor will transport your tastebuds on a delicious adventure. Your next hookah session, whether you’re by yourself or with pals, will be an experience you’ll never forget with this exclusive blend.

Lemon with Mint Flavor encapsulates the sense of sun-drenched lemon groves and revitalizing mint leaves, expertly preserved in each fragrant puff, bringing you the essence of Al Fakher’s tradition of perfection. This unique flavor combination is a demonstration of Al Fakher’s dedication to supplying hookah smokers with the best possible products and services.

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