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Terp Pen Boundless



  • Ceramic Coil Wrapped with Stainless Steel Coil
  • Instant Heat-Up
  • No buttons, just inhale to activate
  • Up to 50 10-second pulls

Versatility, convenience, and even price are all features of the Terp Pen. It’s unbeatable! The Terp Pen’s button-free system makes it easy to enjoy rich, fluffy vapor by just inhaling the heated air.

You can simply inhale and fill it up, based on your desire for a warm or cold load, after removing the magnetized cap from the concentrate vaporizer. While a hot load will provide provide you with with a more powerful hit, a cold load will provide you with a taste explosion in your tongue.

Micro-dosing concentrated products throughout the day using the Terp Pen is a great option for those who appreciate the convenience and compactness of a vape pen. You may take sips during the day with a lengthy battery life. Connect the adhesive cap and store it neatly when you’re done. For individuals who are constantly on the go but still need easy availability to their preferred concentration, the Terp Pen is the perfect option.


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