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Rick Carb Cap



  • Better dabbing experience
  • Improves flavoring
  • No room for Wastage
  • Funky Design
  • Glass Tool
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One could say that the smart and psychopathic scientist Morty from the hit series ‘Rick and Morty’ is responsible for one of the show’s most ingenious creations, which is this carb cap. Your overall dabbing experience will be vastly enhanced by the addition of the Rick and Morty carb cap, which is an essential piece of dabbing equipment. This carb cap can be placed atop your domeless nails and bangers to form a room for vaporization concentrates. It also regulates the airflow into the chamber as well as the tension within. The Rick and Morty dab cap lowers the airflow in the dabbing area as well as the air density in the rig as a whole.  Because of the reduced air pressure, you are able to dab at cooler temperatures, and it requires less heat to produce a creamy, dense vapor appearance with each dab. This is because the boiling point of the oil reduces as the air pressure is reduced. The taste of your dab is greatly improved when you reduce the heat at which you do it. At the same moment, your entire dab will be vaporized, ensuring that none of your valuable dab will be wasted in the process.

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