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Raw Rolling Machines



  • Easy to use
  • Portable and compact
  • Makes rolling joints easier
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Raw rolling machines from Rawthentic are Simply the best for those who have difficulty rolling joints for any purpose. It takes less than two minutes to roll a joint with it, and it’s quite simple to use. In addition, a replacement is sent as well. In the event that the original paper ripped or fell off, you could use the replacement.

To use simply start off by spreading the rollers apart. Pour in the herb approximately one or two nugs’ worth, spreading it out evenly, and if desired, finishing with a filter attached to one end.After that you can put rollers back together and close it. One full spin of the wheel is all it takes but use both hands and roll each roller simultaneously, so the wrap sheet stays tight. Glue side up, keep the gap closed and insert a piece of paper. Roll for another half-turn or so, until just the adhesive is visible at the top of the sheet. Turn the wheel once more and then finally you can disconnect the rollers and move them apart.  Take a moment to admire your work, then go out and get a lighter. Don’t overdo it with the rolling, it’s fun, but a joint that’s so tightly packed that you can’t smoke it isn’t.


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