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Quick Fix 6.2 Plus 3oz



  • It includes 3oz synthetic urine, a plastic temperature strip, and a heating pad. 
  • It has the same number of ingredients that you will find in natural urine. 
  • It’s ready to use as it doesn’t require additional items to mix.
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Here we have this Quick Fix 6.2 Plus synthetic urine that is the same as natural urine as it has a premixed unisex blend means you can use it for both males and females. This synthetic urine’s ingredients include,

  • Proper pH level 
  • Specific gravity 
  • Urea and uric acid 
  • Creatine 

How To Use It?  

It’s easier to use this synthetic urine because it comes in premixed ingredients for which you’ll have to shake; otherwise, it doesn’t require any additional ingredients. Follow the following steps to use it. 

  • First, remove the cap and heat the urine to maintain its temperature at 94 to 100 °F. 
  • Now put the cap on the bottle and shake it gently to mix all the ingredients. 
  • Now test the temperature of the urine by using a strip. 
  • Now get the heating pad and attach it to the bottle. 

Ensure that the temperature ranges between 94 to 100 °F. If it’s not in this range, heat it once again and not heat it more than this. Never refrigerate the synthetic urine.

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