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Quartz Core Reactor Banger



  • Deep Dish Quartz Bucket
  • Fulfilled by Crowdship
  • Great for Low Temp Dabs
  • High-quality opal quartz construction
  • Pure Quartz Heating Chamber
  • Available in various sizes, angels, and genders
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The Quartz Core Reactor Banger is exactly the same as any other banger, with one key difference. In addition to the conventional design of quartz, it also has a solid quartz platform that is elevated and placed at the base of the bucket. Because of it, your banger will be able to keep the heat for a longer period of time and will produce substantially more vapor.

By elevating your material, you not only evaporate it more efficiently but also ensure that you waste the least amount of material possible. This one-of-a-kind accessory is an absolute necessity for any collection, and it is quite likely that you will include it in the vaping setup that you use most frequently for your extracts and waxes.

You can have this quartz banger in the joint size, orientation, and gender that best suits your needs. With this incredible banger nail, all you have to do is select the features of your dab rig, and you’ll be able to enjoy smoking sessions with more vapor and less waste.

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