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Quartz Blunt/Nail



  • Length: 4 in
  • 2mm borosilicate tubing
  • Push in the mouthpiece to ash
  • Silicone joiner
  • Available in multiple colors

Smoking weed with a glass blunt is an unusual method. Allows you to smoke the same quantity of marijuana as a blunt but through a glass container. Using the right technique, the same quantity of cannabis can last for twice as long as with a paper blunt. Before, there used to be glass blunts, but they weren’t flawless. A silicone plunger and an improved mouthpiece have replaced their old design, which was less effective than the old one.

How can you get the most out of a spliff? As with any hand-rolled blunt, the key to success is to treat it as such. To ash it, you strike it with a mallet and slowly insert the mouthpiece. It’s actually a lot simpler to use than other twisty-style pipes. Clogs are avoided thanks to the indented mouthpiece, which collects ash during inhalation. Because it can carry about.5 grams of dry herb, this is an ideal piece for long-term smoking sessions

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