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Pokemon Grinder



  • It will crush all kinds of dry herbs. 
  • It has sharp metal blades to crush all the herbs. 
  • It’s double the size of a Pokeball. 
  • The interior is made of aluminum.
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If you are searching for a creative grinder that will be the best grinder in your collection, check out Pokemon Grinder. It’s a 3-piece grinder with having aluminum grinder and powerful magnets. Though it has a toy-like shape, its sharp grinders will do the job efficiently. It’s effortless to use and clean. 

How To Use It? 

  • Open the grinder’s upper part or lid, put herbs in it according to its capacity, and close the lid. There are magnets in these lids that will hold them tightly.
  • Now start moving the grinder clockwise and anticlockwise. 
  • Check out after some time whether it is fully crushed or not. 
  • After a few left and right movements, herbs will be thoroughly crushed and ready to use.

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