King Palm 2 Slims Watermelon Wave

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King Palm 2 Slims Watermelon Wave are the perfect choice if you’re on the market for a new fruity tobacco flavor. The palm leaves used to make these tiny, pre-rolled cones have been hand-selected for their durability and resilience. The beautiful Watermelon Wave mix inside each cone is like a trip to a tropical paradise for your taste buds. The slow and consistent burn of a King Palm 2 Slim makes it a delight to smoke. Their small size makes them ideal for sneaky puffing or for when you’re trying to watch your weight. A premium smoking product, King Palm 2 Slims Watermelon Wave fuses the flavor of watermelon with the aroma and texture of natural palm leaves.

9 reviews for King Palm 2 Slims Watermelon Wave

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