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MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig



  • It’s a 5 inches tall and 2.5 wide rig. 
  • It’s mainly designed for minimum filtration for maximum flavor. 
  • It has a percolation action that allows extra diffusion. 
  • It has a 10mm Quartz banger with oil catch. 
  • It’s made of 100% pure borosilicate glass. 
  • Its flared mouth prevents smoke escape from the rig.

Here we have MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig with a classy look and elegant design. This rig is best for your collection as well as vaping. Its smaller size makes it easier for you to carry around and will provide you with string hits to blow your mind by maintaining its flavor. 

This mini rig’s percolator is connected with its base, whose job is to filter vapors by maintaining its flavor. Vapors are converted into bubbles and are sent back to the top for the second round of percolation. This small rig is specialized to filter more while preserving its taste to provide you with long, flavorful hits—low water capacity and oil catch help provide dry vapors, enhancing the taste and preventing splashes.

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