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MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig



  • It’s a 5 inches high rig made of 1005 borosilicate glass. 
  • It includes a quartz banger. 
  • It’s designed with a splash guard and oil catch. 
  • It has a wide mid for airflow and increased filtration.

Here we have this MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig that has an elegant design and is superb in providing the perfect taste. Dabber can add it to their collection of rigs. This rig will be the most durable one as the glass is slowly cooled after making this rig to make it more durable. It has an oil catch that will collect all the oil as well as other impurities, so the water in the rig will remain clean and keep filtering the water without any problem. Next, it has a base-connected percolator and a filtration disc-style perc to filter the vapors, start making bubbles, and then cool them to provide smooth hits each time. It’s simpler to use and easier to clean and handle.

Now, you can buy MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig from our store.


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