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MJ Arsenal Rigloo Mini Rig



  • It’s a 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide rig. 
  • It has a base-connected igloo percolator. 
  • It has a 10mm bucket banger. 
  • There is a double uptake Klien recycler in it. 
  • Its connection has a blue accent. 

The MJ Arsenal Rigloo Mini Rig is next level in its design and functioning as it has a mini igloo in its base. Rigloo Mini Rig is MJ’s limited edition piece connected with MJ’s Mini Jig, like both have double uptaker. It’s the only connection that it has with the Mini Jig. This rig has a mini igloo at its base connected with it, which makes it more catchy and elegant. At the same time, there is a snow globe at the top which works as a splash guard. This rig specializes in providing a smooth taste with a low filtration feature. It’s made of high-quality clear glass, while its connections are made from specific glass that gives a blue accent. It’s available in limited quantity, so better to grab it, or you’ll never get this type of masterpiece ever in your life.

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