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MJ Arsenal Infinity



  • It’s a mini glass rig with fab egg percolator style. 
  • It’s made of original borosilicate glass. 
  • It has 10mm of female joint and quartz banger. 
  • It’s 4 inches high and 2.4 inches wide at the base.


MJ Arsenal Infinity is perfect for all kinds of smokers. It’s smaller in size but bigger in shots by giving you the harsh flavor you have ever had in your entire life. People think that larger rigs are better than smaller ones as they store more water for better taste. Still, in reality, small rigs give you a better taste as they don’t filter the vapors much by maintaining their original taste. 

This handmade rig is composed of high-quality glass and a broad base to keep it firm. It has a double uptake recycler to increase the flavor and cool the vapors of each shot. Try this mini rig; it’s reliable to carry with you on your journey. 

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