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MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig



  • It’s 4 inches higher and 2.5 inches wider from the base. 
  • It has 3 hole perc for harsh hits. 
  • Specific side pipe for splash prevention. 
  • It has a 10mm quartz banger.

Suppose you are looking for a smaller rig but bigger in its actions, then try this MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig, which has a specialized design to provide robust and bigger hits despite its small size. It’s named after Hydra, one of the most famous ancient mythical beasts. 

This unique rig has an elegant design with multiple tubes that provides you with bigger hits while filtering the vapors at a moderate amount. It has a firm base that stores a small amount of water to reduce the filtering process by giving you the original taste. All the Hydra Rigs come with a custom 10mm quartz banger.

You can buy MJ Arsenal Gemini from our store.


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