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MJ Arsenal Gemini



  • It’s a 6.5 inches high rig with 2.5 inches wide base. 
  • It’s made of clear borosilicate glass. 
  • It has a double ball which prevents water splash from reaching your mouth. 
  • It also includes a quartz banger nail.

MJ Arsenal Gemini is known for manufacturing some of the best rigs of all time. It is a masterpiece of MJ’s Orbital series. This handcrafted rig has an elegant design and is made from borosilicate glass. Its smaller size and durable glass allow you to carry it with you where ever you want to. 

This 6 inches tall rig is easier to use with double balls to prevent splashes and has a curved mouth which provides you with the best dry hit. It has a flat bottom, so it stays firm; even if it falls, there will be very few chances of braking because of 100% pure borosilicate glass. Banger is removable to switch out balls, while the filtering system prevents loss of vapors by giving you the pure original flavor. 

You can now buy MJ Arsenal Claude from our store.


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