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MJ Arsenal Candy Cane One Hitter



  • High-Quality Glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Open Mouthpiece
  • Pinched Herb bowl
  • 4.75 inches length
  • 1.5 inches width

You can’t go wrong with a little peppermint flavor in your smoke! MJ Arsenal Candy cane one hitter is here to cool down the smoke. The pipe is 4.75 inches in length which makes it pocket friendly and perfect for traveling.

Breathe through the mouthpiece after loading the pipe end with your preferred dry herbs or tobacco blend and lighting it up. The clear airway of the glass chillums absorbs the heat and cools down the smoke prior to it entering your lungs, giving it a more pleasurable experience when you puff. 

There is a pinch on the bowl of the one-hitter chillum to keep ash and herb fragments from going through the pipe and then into your mouth. You can really see what you’re smoking with an inverted bowl. The glass one-hitter is excellent for gatherings and get-togethers as well as gifts, and they’re also incredibly cheap and easy to use.

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