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MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Ball Rig



  • This mini ball rig has a 10mm connection. 
  • It’s 5 inches tall, while 3.25 inches wide from the middle and 2.25 inches wide from the mouth and bottom. 
  • It is broader and larger for optimal airflow. 
  • It has a ball to prevent water splashes during more enormous hits.

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Ball Rig is one of the most unique rigs you have ever seen. It has a double ball means a ball inside another ball connected to prevent splashes and provide you dry hits. It’s made of colorless glass, but its design makes it catchy. 

The ball inside it prevents splashes as well as makes the vapor cool by reducing the heat and gives you a fresh, soothing experience on each hit. It is safe to use because water won’t get into the path and filters more vapors. This rig will provide you with the best flavor you have ever had. So try it once to get the best experience of your life, you will never regret your decision.

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