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Heavy Rasta Double Chamber Bubbler



  • It has a Rasta Frit.
  • It’s a double-chambered bubbler. 
  • It’s made of fine glass which makes it heavier and larger in size. 
  • It is silver fumed.
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A heavy rasta double chamber bubbler is a typical bubbler having a beautiful design. Its doubles chambered portion filters the smoke twice by providing you with a smooth smoke that gives a next-level soothing experience. The Heavy rasta double chamber bubbler is made of heavy and high-quality glass that might increase its weight but its durability increases too. 

Both chambers of this bubbler are filled with water to filter the smoke twice and the tobacco is placed in the last chamber which has a single bowl. Each joint of this bubbler has a colorful spiral design while the other portion is clear white and the neck is a bit curved.

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