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Glass Twisty Blunt Kit



  • It’s an upgraded glass blunt with o-rings.
  • Its rings are modified to cool down the smoke.
  • It comes with its own cooling kit.
  • Provide fresh and cool smoke all day.
  • It’s available in different sizes.

Glass Twisty Blunt kit is made up of a quartz glass pipe for easy-going consumers. The metal swirl in the herbs compartment acts as a storage area. With a simple twist, you can quickly divide your herbs into tiny quantities or hits.

This revolutionary glass smoker is so simple to operate that it’s practically foolproof. The glass tube may hold approximately 1.5 grams of herbs of your choice, and indeed the screw can be twisted counterclockwise into the pipe to secure the contents. Just light up towards the end and puff, puff, pass! Herbs and particles that have been smoked drop to the bottom.

By increasing the amount of the smoke passage, the screw helps to cool down the smoke, allowing more time for the augur to absorb energy. As a result of the screw’s heat sink and route extending features, the impact is 30% cooler.

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