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Glass Glitter Heart Dab Tool



  • Heat resistant glass
  • Pointed glass tip
  • Portable and durable design
  • Delivered in a random colored finish
  • Easy to use and clean

Glass Glitter Heart Dab Tool is constructed of high-quality glass and has a sprinkled heart tip and a swirling stem. It’s a stylish way to dab your concentrates securely and easily. Weight and heat resistance make the concentration tool ideal for use on the go. Sticky oils and concentrates are no problem for the pointed tip. With its sleek design, this dab rig is sure to boost your dabbing experience. The color of the tool is chosen at random upon delivery.

Decorative Dabber Tools are a unique way to spice up your everyday dabbing practice with a splash of color and personality. With such devices, you can accomplish two things at once. As a dabber tool, you may use it to scoop up your tacky wax and place it on the banger nail, or you can use it to remove muck from your bowls and joints.

You can now buy Glass Twisty Blunt Kit from our store.


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