Pod Juice Salts| Strawberry Apple Watermelon Freeze

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Juicy, luscious strawberries, crisp green apples, and cool watermelon all come together in Pod Juice Salts’ Strawberry Apple Watermelon Freeze for a fruity blend that’s as refreshing as it is tasty. The perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors with a cool aftertaste make this e-juice a real treat. Thanks to its high-quality blend of nicotine salts, it delivers a satisfying throat hit and a relaxing jolt of nicotine. This is the ideal all-day vape for folks who appreciate the naturally sweet flavor of fruit. There is no artificial aftertaste or off notes, making for a clean and enjoyable vaping experience.



1 review for Pod Juice Salts| Strawberry Apple Watermelon Freeze

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