Elfbar Lost Mary MO5000

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Introducing the Elfbar Lost Mary MO5000, a disposable vape that promises a tantalizing escape into the world of flavors. Each puff is an invitation to explore a realm of extraordinary tastes, from the frosty embrace of Black Duo Ice to the vibrant medley of Mango Peach Watermelon. With a variety of flavor profiles to choose from, this portable vape allows you to embark on a unique flavor journey, whether you’re in the mood for a zesty Citrus Sunrise or the tropical bliss of Guava Ice.

Dive into the rich depth of Berry Rose Duo Ice, experience the sophistication of Lemon Sparkling Wine, or savor the sweet and refreshing embrace of Watermelon Ice. The Elfbar Lost Mary MO5000 is not just a disposable vape; it’s a gateway to a world of delightful sensations. Compact, stylish, and convenient, it’s your passport to a vaping experience like no other. Unleash your taste buds and embrace the adventure with Elfbar Lost Mary MO5000 today.

Elfbar Lost Mary MO5000

Berry Rose Duo Ice, Black Duo Ice, Blackcurrant Mint, Blue Trio, Cherry Lemon, Citrus Sunrise, Fuji Duo Ice, Grape Jelly, Ginger Beer, Kiwi Dragon Duo Ice, Guava Ice, Kiwi Fuse, lemon sparkling wine, Mango Peach Watermelon, Mango Peach, Miami Mint, Plum Rose Mint, Tropical Fruit, Watermelon Ice

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