Uwell Popreel P1 Pod System

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Don’t let the stylish appearance of this vape fool you; it packs a serious punch. Our Uwell Popreel P1 Pod System contains a powerful internal battery that can keep you vaping all day long. You’ll never have to worry about low battery thanks to the integrated micro-USB charging connector.

Essential Characteristics
Convenient for vaping on the go due to its small size and light weight
Thanks to the pod’s clever pop-up construction, it’s a breeze to restock.
Protective features against low voltage, short circuits, and overcharging
It can handle regular wear and tear because of how sturdy it is constructed.

The Uwell Popreel P1 Pod System is the pinnacle of vaping convenience and performance.


Macaron Blue, Apple Green, Apricot Beige, Milk White


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