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Bottom Quartz Banger



  • Made from heat proof quartz glass
  • Use with waxy concentrates
  • 4mm thick opaque base
  • Banger in 90° angle
  • Fits most compatible carb caps

Bottom Quartz Banger is 25mm in diameter, has a 4mm thick white base, and a 14.5mm male joint. Quartz glass is used to make the banger, which has a flat top and a bevelled edge. Quartz glass, at 2mm thick, holds heat better than ordinary glass, making vaping more enjoyable. In order to access the bongs with fixed downstems at a 90-degree angle, the banger has a 90° angled joint. With this quartz banger, you can turn your pipe or bubbler into a dabbing rig in a matter of seconds. 

To use, just attach the pipe or bubbler joint to the banger and gently warm the thick base using a flame. Use a dabbing tool to fill the banger using your wax or concentrate and inhale the rich, smooth vapors.  it is suitable for most carb covers with a diameter of 25mm. This banger is a fantastic replacement or spare part, and if managed and maintained properly, it will last for years. White Bottom Quartz Banger is a great way to spice up your rig.

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