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Blazy Susan Cotton Buds



  • Sturdy bamboo stem
  • Colored with natural food dye
  • Dual purpose design
  • No cotton residue or aftertaste
  • Extra large tightly wadded cotton tops
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The serious concentration connoisseur who prefers to maintain their quartz spotless and gleaming after each use will appreciate the Blazy cotton buds because they are developed just for them. After use, neither a residue nor a flavor will be left behind by our Triple-Wrapped Cotton Buds because the natural dye used to color them is safe for consumption. What else could you want out of a cotton swab than one that is extremely absorbent and comes with a bamboo stick? These strong pink Q-tips are up to the challenge of whatever project you present them with.

These are the solutions to all of your questions regarding cleaning any piece. The fact that there are two distinct tip shapes to choose from is a blessing. They are sturdy enough to finish the work, they don’t shred, fray, or leave behind threads, and they won’t be leaving markings or scratches like some of the other methods I’ve tried in the past. If you give them a genuine try, you won’t want to return any other cotton buds for your kit.

You can also buy Blazy Susan Bowl Cleaner And Ashtray from our store.


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