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BackWoods 5 pk Honey Berry


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Enjoy the perfect harmony of rustic allure and deliciousness with the Backwoods Honey Berry 5-Pack. These quality cigars, rolled by hand with care, have a flavor and aroma that will impress even the most seasoned smokers.

Each BackWoods 5 pack Honey Berry is hand-rolled from a natural tobacco leaf wrapper infused with notes of honey and berry. The final product is an aesthetically and aromatically pleasant smoke. The honey infusion tones down the sharpness of the drink, while the berry undertones add a refreshing, tasty twist.

The aesthetics have also been carefully thought out. Each cigar in the BackWoods 5 pk Honey Berry is expertly rolled to maintain a constant flame and a silky smooth draw. Their portability makes them perfect for a quick snack or smoke at a quiet moment.

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