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90 Degree Quartz Recycler Banger



  • Recycler Feature
  • 100% Pure Quartz Material
  • 45 Degree/90 Degree
  • 14mm/18mm Male/Female Joints Available
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There is a replaceable quartz knot on the recycling banger, which gives just the appropriate quantity of surface space for most of your dab. Once the quartz knot is heated, add your preferred waxes or liquids to the banger buckets to vaporize. With its unique recycling/vaporizing system, you can relax knowing that your dabs will get the most out of them.

A bubble carb cap, a diamond knot quartz inlay, and the banger itself would be included with the recycling quartz banger. Using this banger, you won’t have to worry about running out of a single drop of your concentrate. Because the diamond knot quartz insertion is removable, it is much simpler to clean than conventional inserts, plus it provides additional heating and vaporization surfaces.

90 Degree Quartz Recycler Banger features a quartz knot for reusing your favorite concentrates. Don’t skimp on the concentrate, because the recycling tube will return it to the banger bucket, ensuring that you get the most out of your wax.

You can also buy 90 Degree Flat Top Quartz Banger 25mm from our store.


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