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90 degree flat top quartz banger 25mm



  • Made from heatproof quartz
  • Banger in 90° angle
  • Great for bongs with joint in 90° angle
  • Female 18.8mm joint
  • Fits all 18.8mm male joints
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Due to its solid quartz structure, flat top quartz banger is great for daily usage and retains heat notably better than borosilicate glass. The quartz banger only needs to be heated once, allowing you to use it for several dab sessions. The flat top design makes loading and using carb caps a cinch because of the convenient access it provides.

A bong or bubbler may be transformed into a dabbing rig with the bangers including an 18.8mm female joint. It’s as simple as using a dab tool to put your concentrate into a banger after heating it with a pipe or bubbler and letting it cool.

It is possible to use any of these 18.8mm male joint bangers on any 18.8mm female joint. The 90° perspective makes this banger ideal for all bongs with a solid downstem situated at a 90° angle

Purchase these high-quality quartz bangers as a backup or replacement in the event of a malfunction.

You can also check out 90 Degree Quartz Recycler Banger from our store.


10mm, 14mm, 18mm


Femal, Male


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