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4” Glow In The Dark Pipe



  • It’s a 4” inches long glass pipe. 
  • It’s available in a variety of colors. 
  • It glows in the dark. 
  • UV rays can make this pipe glow.
  • It’s made of durable glass
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If you want to be a dashing guy during late-night parties, prefer this 4 inches long glow pipe. 4” Glow In The Dark pipe is made from a unique material that makes it glow in the dark. You can’t lose this pipe in the darkest night because of its glowing feature. This beautiful pipe is available in various colors, and it will glow according to its color. 

If you are frightened of losing it at night, or it may break when it falls, then don’t worry because it’s made of high-quality American glass. It’s easier to carry as it will fit into your pocket easily. It has a big-mouthed bowl for tobacco is much easier to clean. It suits your personality perfectly.

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