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100% Titanium Carb Cap



  • Provides Better Flavor
  • Premium Quality Titanium
  • Improves Dabbing Experience
  • Fits 19mm and 22mm Bowls
  • Carb Cap
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Let’s have a serious conversation about this. The item that was provided by Pulsar is a terrifying beast. It is a carb cap that is manufactured out of titanium and it consists of a dabber that can be removed. A very versatile tool that can meet the needs of even the most particular dabber. When used in conjunction with a nail, it ensures that heat is distributed uniformly and that your ideal temperature is maintained for a longer period of time. This indicates that it gives superior flavor and enhances the overall experience of dabbing. 

The opening in the carb cap is angled, which results in the formation of a vortex. This vortex ensures that your concentrate is distributed uniformly and thoroughly on the nail. You’re aware of something else that’s fantastic, right? The idea is that the cap can be worn outside as a wind block due to its alien-like form and the fact that it is fashioned like a UFO. Its replaceable shaft can also be used as a dabber tool, which is sure to come in handy at some point. Both 19mm and 20mm bowls can be used with this item. This cap and dabber instrument combo is practically unbreakable, making it the ideal choice if you are searching for the ideal combination of the two.

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