If you are looking for is voopoo drag a good brand, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

In today’s world, things are evolving and trends are changing rapidly. From your clothing to the things you put in your mouth, choosing the right brand of them is a tough job. When it comes to vaping, the right brand makes a great difference. As Voopoo has emerged as a new brand these days, it’s often a question that is voopoo drag a good brand? It’s not so simple to answer it.

It’s a discussion. Various different factors are involved in deciding what makes a brand a good one or not. Let’s dig into them to see what we can conclude about Voopoo!

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; A Brief Introduction

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; A Brief Introduction

The aim here is to learn about the reputation of Voopoo as a brand. But it’s not possible unless and until it a person learns about the history of a brand. When it comes to Voopoo, it came into existence in the year 2017. Although Voopoo is a relatively new brand in the world of vapes, it’s quite surprising to learn that it has emerged as a prominent brand in a few years time. 

The credit goes to its high end performance and sleek designs. It’s a Chinese brand founded by Gene Fan. The headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China. The area is also known as the Silicone Valley. The locality gives benefits as it has cutting edge technology for vaping gadgets and skilled professionals to carry out the manufacturing processes. 

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; Voopoo’s Reputation 

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; Voopoo's Reputation

Brands cannot earn reputation unless and until they have products that provide great features. Today, the world is surrounded by so many brands that it’s really hard to earn your place. Voopoo on the other hand has managed to get a clear spot in vaping world and has earned their customers loyalty due to the features they provide.

It shows that as they pay attention to what their customers need. As a result, it’s the trustworthiness of their brand among users which reflects their good quality and reputation. 

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; Voopoo’s Features

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; Voopoo's Features

Some of the prominent features which enabled Voopoo to earn this remarkable place in vaping world includes:

1. Great Innovation 

Being a vaping brand, they didn’t introduce themselves as a simple vape brand. Rather, they are the pioneer when it comes to innovation. They have introduced such techniques into the market. 

For instance, it’s Voopoo brand which introduced the gene chip. It is because of these gene chips that gives them the ability to have precise controls over temperature. This is what has set a new standard in this world.

2. Durability

Products by Voopoo are known for their great quality. It’s their robust designs which make them not just durable but feels good in one’s hand too. Particularly the Drag series by Voopoo is known for these features. It’s their sturdy construction which makes them a great choice among others. 

3. Performance

It’s their commitment to deliver the best to their customers which makes the users enthusiastic about their products. Different factors such as the density of vape clouds, flavor intensity, or the ability to customize experience is what the Voopoo devices provide in one. They excel in it and it leads to customer satisfaction. 

Is Voopoo Drag A Good Brand; What Makes Voopoo Stand Apart?

The above mentioned features of performance and durability is what most of the vaping brands do provide. But what makes Voopoo stand ahead of it’s competitors? 

It’s their first feature that’s innovation. They embrace innovative ideas and that’s what makes them different from others. The greatest example is their Gene Chip technology. 

Gene Chip Technology

The Gene Chip is installed within Voopoo vape products. It gives two features, that’s rapid firing speed and temperature control.  Gene Chip allow Voopoo to instantly turn it’s coil on as soon as the button is hit by the user. It takes 0.25 seconds time to do so. This feature makes sure that the user doesn’t have to wait for the coil to turn up. It reduces the delay time to almost negligible and the user can enjoy vaping almost instantly. 

Apart from this instant heating of the coil, the gene chip allows temperature control by users. The regulation of vape coil temperature is essential because overheating can destroy the entire vaping experience. It breaks the e-juice within the tank and then the flavor isn’t enjoyed by the users, rather it’s unpleasant. 

Therefore, with the Gene Chip technology of Voopoo, such incidents can be avoided. It ensures that the users experience constant vape flavor. It constantly monitors the temperature and other features by the vape, and if anything exceeds the limit. It shuts it off. It makes sure the consistency which their users are getting must not be hindered by any cause. 

The quality maintenance by these products is great and it all owes to this small chip technology which they have introduced in their products. It has made it easier for the users to experience great vaping experience. The brand has learned that the more ease you bring to your customers, the greater your chances are to stand ahead of your competitors. It’s all about realizing the needs and fulfilling them. The brands that do not focus on such innovative techniques always fall behind. 


Voopoo is a good and reputable brand in the vaping world. It’s not a simple task to answer it without discussing its features. Therefore, the various features which makes it a remarkable brand is its performance, durability and innovation. The Voopoo vape devices provide constant experience to their users. It’s their Gene Chip technology which makes them stand ahead of everyone else.

It gives the users a great power over their vaping experience. It initiates the heating coil almost instantly and also gives temperature control. All these features makes it a great and popular choice among vape lovers. Voopoo is indeed a great vaping brand. 

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