If you have an Orion vape or you have recently bought one, learning how to use Orion vape is necessary for all. From the beginners to experts, everyone should learn all about their device to make better decisions. For instance, if you have an Orion bar 5500, the requirements are different as compared to having an Orion bar 7500. It’s important to learn how to use them all and in this comprehensive guide, you will learn all about it. Let’s read!

How To Use Orion Vape; Understanding Components

how to use orion vape understanding components

An Orion vape itself looks like a single unit but it has many components inside that make it whole. If someone wants to learn how to use Orion vape, they should be familiar with what’s inside of it as it will help them to have a seamless vaping experience. Orion has many components that include a coil and pod inside.

Pod is the container that has e-juice inside whereas coil are the heating elements that are responsible for providing necessary heat to vaporize the e-juice. The coil is located within the pod. The device itself consists of a mouthpiece, pod and the battery. All these components come together to make an Orion as a whole unit. The features and designs vary among many different Orion types but the main components are all the same. 

Variations of Orion Vape

variations of orion vape

Users have varying preferences therefore, Lost Vape introduced Orion vape variants. They cater to different preferences or flavors and specifications. For example, Orion Bar 5500, which is a great choice for beginners. It offers a 500 mAh rechargeable battery inside and comes in 10 different flavors with 14 ml e-juice carrying capacity.

If someone wants more in terms of e-juice capacity, then Lost Vape has introduced Orion bar 7500 that has 18 ml e-liquid capacity. It has more than 15 flavors and features a 650 mAh battery. Many other pod kits like ORION DNA GO, ORION Q, ORION PLUS, and Q-PRO are available which differ in their features. A diverse range of products are available by Lost Vape in Orion vapes providing options for users to choose from. 

Step-by-Step process of using Orion Vape

step by step process of using orion vape


Before any device is used, the initial step is to check its battery and recharge it if necessary. It’s important that your Orion vape is fully charged before it’s used for the first time. You can do that by using the provided USB cable with it with a compatible charger. It’s essential that you use a reliable power source and charger to ensure a safe recharge. Sometimes when either of these are faulty, they lead to inconsistent charging which might affect the battery life. Once it’s charging has been completed, unplug it to prevent overcharging. 

Pod Pre-Installation

pod pre installation

There’s no need to take a pod and install it. Orion vape comes with a prefilled pod inside which is ready to be used when it’s taken out of its packet. However, if the pod gets empty upon use, it can be refilled as many Orion variants allow that feature for its users. The port can be located and the e-juice can be filled through it. However, it’s advised not to overfill it as it will lead to leakages and residual buildup. Once it has been filled, the port should be tightly secured. 

Switching On

Some Orion vapes have a power button which has to be pressed 5 times and it will activate the device. But with advanced features being introduced, draw activation is now being offered in Orion vapes. With this feature, a user can simply activate their device by drawing on the mouthpiece. The hurdle of using the power button has been eliminated through this feature. 

Adjusting Settings

Some settings can be adjusted like the airflow and wattage. By airflow settings, a user gets the chance to control the amount of air that flows when they inhale through their device. It has a direct effect on the temperature, vapor production and throat hit. On the other hand, if someone wants more vapor production, they can increase the wattage settings and it will increase the temperature of coil. However, the wattage settings must not be too high as it leads to burnt taste in mouth. 



Once the device has been set as per your requirements, you can now start vaping. Some require a power button activation as mentioned earlier and others are simply activated upon drawing. You can experiment with different inhaling techniques to see which one suits you the best. 


Some things needs to be monitored while vaping and these include the battery level and temperature of device. If you experience that the temperature of your Orion is exceeding, you should withdraw vaping instantly.

Sometimes when the wattage settings are high and Orion is being used for a longer session, it’s temperature gets really hot. It’s better to stop vaping and leave device for some resting phase to maintain its optimal performance. If the battery is low, you can see that via the indicators present over it. You need to recharge your device before you end up emptying all of its battery in times of need. 


Orion vape comes in variants and each has its own specifications. Some require a power switch to be pressed whereas others get activated through drawing. In any case, there are some simple steps which can be followed for using an Orion vape. Start by charging the device and then look at the pod to see of it needs refilling.

Refill if necessary and then activate the device to start vaping. You have to monitor your device constantly to see if it’s temperature is higher than normal and you have to keep it aside for a while. It also keeps a check on your battery if it needs a recharge. 

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