If you are looking for how to unlock voopoo drag, then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

Voopoo Drag is a popular vape series. Like a lot of other vapes, it also comes with an auto lock feature. The reason behind is to secure the vape from firing on its own. It’s for users’ safety. If you have it and it’s locked, and you are struggling with how to unlock Voopoo Drag, we can help you with it. It’s not a complicated process. It’s rather simple. You will learn about it in detail. Let’s dig into it!

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag; Safety Measures

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag; Safety Measures

Before you proceed to unlock your Voopoo Drag, there are certain safety precautions which you must always take good care of. These are crucial and must be followed by the user at any cost. It includes ensuring the Voopoo Drag is switched off as it’s not in use. The vape must always be put away from the reach of pets or children. 

People sometimes use any sort of accessories and batteries. It’s not a wise decision as it alters the performance of your vape. Only the recommended ones must be used. Voopoo Drag comes with a user-friendly manual guide. Users must read it and adhere to the instructions provided in it for safe use. All these safety tips help in creating a safe vaping space for users and their surroundings. 

If you are constantly vaping or even if you are just a beginner, you must adhere to certain safety measures which will prevent any harm which might be caused otherwise. In majority of the cases, vape devices lead to harm if they are not dealt with care. If any pet or children gets a hold of it, and it’s unlocked, it will be extremely hazardous for them. So it’s better to take precaution instead of going for the solutions if things get wrong. 

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag; Step to Step Guide

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag; Step to Step Guide

In order to unlock your Voopoo Drag, follow the steps, these include:

1. Switch on your Voopoo Drag. It can be done by pressing the fire button. It’s the biggest button you see on your vape. When you find it, press it five times in a row. It will fire it up. You will be able to see its display lighting up and this will indicate that it’s switched on. 

2. Once it’s on, now you have to access the menu. To access it, you need to press the fire button again. It must be pressed thrice. This will display the menu on screen. 

3. After the menu is open, you can now navigate to find the unlock option. You can search for such options which show the lock or unlock feature. The wording might not be the same but similar would be present. It varies from model to model. 

4. The unlock feature will be activated when you select the option and press the fire button. 

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag; Problems and Troubleshooting 

If the unlocking feature doesn’t work, then there must be any issues with the device. It needs to be fixed. In order to fix them, find out the problem first. A few common issues include:

1. Battery issues might cause problems. Devices do not work properly if they do not have enough battery in them. Ensure that your Voopoo has enough battery for usage. If the batteries aren’t charged enough, the Voopoo might not respond as expected and cause problems.

2. Voopoo has a firmware inside. It does happen that the firmware which is installed within the Voopoo might be outdated and it can change the lock unlock feature. It can be solved by looking for any updates through the brand’s website. If the updates are available, they should be installed and the vape will start to work just fine after that.

3. If all options fail and you are still not able to access the Voopoo menu for unlocking. The last option is to reset it to factory settings. This can be done by using the instructions and guidance provided by the user manual. Just like any other electronic device that does not respond accordingly and users reset it to its factory settings, the vape functions the same. It’s an electronic device and will start to function again after a reset if there are any such issues. 

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag; If Nothing Works

If you have the device in your hand that has enough battery, the update is not outdated and you have also reset it to factory settings. If all these options are checked but the device isn’t unlocked, then it’s a matter of concern. In such cases, we advise you to consult the company for guidance. You will get a replacement if the device is new and falls under their warranty policy. 

If not, you will have to get a new one. But in majority cases, if there is any unlocking issue, it gets resolved with the factory reset option. There is no need to panic when the device isn’t responding as per your choice. It’s an electronic device. It might have some troubleshooting problems. These can be resolved if you have enough knowledge about the device you own. If you are having trouble learning it, the user manual can guide you all about it. 


Voopoo Drag is a great choice of vape for people. It comes with various features and an auto lock is one of them. It’s for safety purposes. In order to unlock the device, the fire button must be pressed thrice. It will display the screen and then the screen unlock option can be selected and pressing the button will unlock it. If this doesn’t work, troubleshooting will help.

Check the battery, if it’s not charged, then charge it. Check the firmware and update if it’s outdated. If nothing helps, factory reset it. If all fails, then it’s time to consult any professional from the company. They will help to replace the Voopoo or might help you get it fixed.

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