If you are looking for how to turn on a Voopoo Gene vape ,then here is a complete step by step guide. Everything that you need to know.

A good vape with high performance is a lover’s dream. Voopoo is a well known brand in that case. It provides all the necessary features a vape lover needs in their pod. If you have a Voopoo in your hand but you are struggling with how to turn on a Voopoo Gene, then you are in the right place. There are several steps involved in doing so. It’s better to understand your device before you start to use it. Let’s dig into it to learn more about it!

How To Turn On A Voopoo Gene Vape; Step to Step Guide

How To Turn On A Voopoo Gene Vape; Step to Step Guide

Before and after using the Voopoo vape, you have to take care of various things. A responsible use of it include the following steps:

1. Battery Check

Voopoo Gene has an installed battery like any other vaping device. Before you switch it on, it’s advised to check it’s battery status. Ensuring that it has enough battery for proper function is necessary. If it’s not sufficient, it must be charged. Voopoo Gene comes with a USB charging cable. Charging it with this cable through an appropriate charger would work just fine.

2. Device Unlocking

Voopoo Gene vape devices comes with an auto lock feature. It locks the device to stop accidental start up without usage. In order to proceed, the user is advised to unlock the Voopoo Gene. It can only be unlocked by pressing the fire button. The fire button is the largest button on device. It must be pressed five times in a row to unlock it. 

3. Checking Display

Once the five clicks procedure has been performed, the next step is to see whether the Voopoo Gene display has started or not. The display must illuminate and show essential features. These include the battery status, coil resistance and wattage. 

4. Setting Adjustment

Once the device has started, the next step all users with all devices engage in is to adjust the settings accordingly. The settings can be adjusted by taking help from the user’s manual. If an individual wants to change the temperature or wattage, they can do it. The manual would help in navigating the steps and the required settings can thus be reached. 

5. Priming 

It’s an optional step. It’s not always required. The priming of coil is only necessary when you have changed the tank recently or your coil is dry. In order to avoid throat hits due to dry coil, use the e-juice and drop it onto the wick. Priming is a good practice.

6. Attaching Tank

If the Voopoo Gene has detachable tank, then it must he attached. The tank can be attached by screwing it to the connector which is present at the top of device. It’s not advised to screw it too tightly, but it should be securely fastened. 

7. Tank Filling

Once the tank is attached, the next step is to fill it with your desired e-juice. Carefully open the port. It might be present at the top or the bottom. It depends on the model. E-juice must not be filled till the end otherwise it might lead to leakages. 

8. Priming

The priming here is all about waiting and giving the coil some time to completely saturate within the e-juice. It’s performed to avoid dry hits.

9. Airflow Check

Airflow adjustment is required to alter the draw from vape. Some people like it tight, meaning they draw tight whereas others prefer to draw from an open end. It depends on personal preference and can be adjusted by control ring.

10. Switch On The Vape

Once all the above mentioned steps are in check, it’s time for your Voopoo Gene device to start. In order to fire it, you need to press the fire button. It’s the largest one you can find on device. It must be done while the user is inhaling through the mouthpiece. Once done inhaling, they can release the button. The device will start yo work. 

How To Turn On A Voopoo Gene Vape; Few Things To Keep In Mind

How To Turn On A Voopoo Gene Vape; Few Things To Keep In Mind

Voopoo Gene vape devices comes in various editions. The models differs in features and so do their designs. Some of them have a detachable tank whereas others have it intact. Some have the tank port on the upper side whereas others have it at their bottom. The design and features differ and so do their maintenance. However, some of the most general steps which needs to be kept in mind while using the Voopoo Gene are mentioned above. These are the general steps and do not differ even with varying vape models. 

The only thing that maintains the Voopoo device and increases its shelf life is the way the user takes care of it. If you are too harsh with it, the device might not last for too long. However, if the coil is properly primed, the tank isn’t overfilled, the device isn’t over-worked leading to overheating, and the tank is properly cleaned, all these things help in increasing the products performance and life span. 


Voopoo Gene vape devices are a great choice for those who love to vape. The brand provides high end products with high performance. Users sometimes wonder how to turn on their Voopoo device. It’s not a lengthy process, rather a matter of few clicks. But, few steps needs to be kept in mind while doing it. It’s to check the Battery status, then to see whether the display is responding well or not.

The next initial step is to unlock the device if it’s locked and adjusting the settings as per the choice. After that, priming the coil is necessary because without it, the throat might get hit. If the tank is detached, attach it and fill it with required e-juice. Prime the coil again and check airflow. If it’s not right, adjust it. After that, click the fire button 5 times and you are good to enjoy vaping!

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